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From marching drums to tap dancing, girl group After School has always made a comeback with new performances. So much so that they, with a five-year singing career, have come to be recognized as a performance-focused group. Their choice this time, for their title tune “First Love” from their “6th Maxi Single Album,” was ‘pole art.’ And as hard as they had worked to perfect their routines for the song, they also sustained wounds of glory. Members Lizzy and Nana in particular weren’t even able to stand on stage and Nana was not able to take part in TenAsia’s interview with the group. Still, the group seemed cheerful and expressed their gratitude to fans for their support. The After School that TenAsia met with were not the ‘strong women’ they have been considered by most but rather gentle girls full of laughter. http://www.tenasia.com/archives/64944
@alex9094 KKKKKK I think I'm going to watch it again!
@daradara that is such a good point! kkk i wasn't too sure about Nana's hair...it just looked so long
I loved their dance! The music was so sexy ~.~ but i'm not too sure about the clothes.....they were a little bit weird kkkk
@alex9094 that is true!
I never liked the poll dancing concept but I think that its something fresh kkk something we have never seen in the kpop scene before!! >_<
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