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Here are some quick fun facts about the members of MAMAMOO!
Wheein's mom named her after a comic book character.
I could not find the translation for the comic book, so I included the picture for you guys. The cite I found it on was in Korean, so I couldn't read any of it.
Wheein also likes to watch mokbang shows, and she likes to draw.
Hwasa performed the song "Ice Ice" with Hyuna
Hwasa also wrote and self-composed Mamamoo's song "My Heart." It is featured on their first mini album "Hello"
Watch the performance and listen to the song above. (The My Heart has german subs. I hope that doesn't bother anybody)
Solar performed "Washed Away" with Geeks on many music shows before debuting.
Check out the performance above!
Moonbyul personally choreographed the dance for their debut single Mr. Ambiguous.
"Byul" means "Star" in Korean, which is fitting for Moonbyul
*shouts Moonstar*

Did I miss anything? What are some of your favorite things about the members of Mamamoo?

(Note: I do not own any of the pictures or videos used in this card. Credit goes to the rightful owner)


Hwasa also 100% refused companies that told her to get plastic surgery which I think is so rad
MoonBuyl and BTOB's MinHyuk look like they could be siblings, as they resemble each other so much. Also the German subtitles made me understand the song better, as I sat there translating as it went along. My daughter is a German major, so she'll love this.
I've been meaning to get into Mamamoo ^^ ah, LINE & Google translate say that the title of the comic is "For the Little Mermaid"
Wow! Those are some really interesting things about them!! I think the coolest fact had to be the comic book one.
Hwasa did her own version of blurred lines with a title called Pink Panties