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The amazing thing about God is that no matter how far you've fallen away from him or have had your "breaks" from God he still truly pursues daily and chases after you with his love. God is all knowing there isn't anything you do or say that he doesn't know about. You maybe reading this asking so many questions. You just need to cast all you have God. He sent his one son. Think about that for moment. That's like if you had to let your brother or sister even best friend die for the rest of the world. That's inane! We forget that cost of wish Jesus paid and run around sinning and forget. This needs to stop! I know we all sin and fall short without Jesus, but I'm talking about "the little sins" like lying or even trying to get what we want. And being selfish. Just be more mindful today of your actions. Actions speak louder than any word you can say. Actions are what back up your words.