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RIP to one great character in fairytail... his ship shall sink with him as well as his fandoms and friendships... we all hated you at first, then loved you quickly after. Goodbye Gajeel Redfox❤
No! Dont sell him out for dead! I have faith he will come back dammit!
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I am with @AimeBolanos I have faith in Hiro that he wouldn't let Gajeel die
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plus @OtakuBell I can't imagine Hiro would get rid of a huge character like that so soon
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I don't think Hiro just killed him off, he was surprised when there was more Gale fans than Nalu when it came to the ships. I feel that Gajeel will be back.
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........wtf...no..no..no...nope...GAJEEL MUST LIVE...YOU ALL ARE LYING ..NO NOT GAJEEL..NO .NO..
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