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Lee Min Ho may play a rather serious role as Choi Young, the warrior on SBS’ Faith but pictures of the actors in between cuts shows he’s still his usual cheerful self. SBS recently posted a slew of pictures of Lee Min Ho on the set of the currently airing Faith. Though his Choi Young warrior captain role has consistently shown his serious and largely expressionless demeanor, the pictures reveal Lee Min Ho is anything but on the set. Whether with his fellow actors, Kim Hee Sun, Ryu Duk Hwan, Kim Jong Moon or other staff members including director Kim Jong Hak, Lee Min Ho is said to constantly bring energy and strength to his fellow staff and cast. The pictures shows Lee Min Ho posing for pictures with various main and supporting cast members, embracing and aiding staff members and otherwise hard at work discussing his scenes. A source from the drama’s production shared, “[Lee Min Ho] is very mature for his age and has at ruthful personality. Though he must face a great deal of pressure as the lead actor, responsible for helping lead the drama, he never shows his fatigue.” Director Kim Jong Hak added, “Lee Min Ho is an actor who possesses both great acting ability and a friendly personality,” and praised his ability to bring a positive energy to the set. Lee Min Ho downplayed the praises though, as he said, “This is a production we all are working together and everyone is going through the same difficulties and joys as well.” He did jokingly add however that he would like to eat a hot bowl of soup and sleep for three days like Choi Young.
Absolutely charming and endearing man, Minho! Humility and Sincerity are a rarity for one actor but then, Minho endowed with all plus plus. Bless u, Minho.
of cause ,SON of SUN warms everyone !
♥♥♥ ;)
yes..he is
What a team player! Oppa fighting! ^^