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After watching the one thing today...wait..two things that killed me today, me and my cousin came up with two theories for the videos.So...let's start the show shall we!!!!!!
I suggest for those who havent seen the vids yet, watch it before the theory.First off (my theory so don't know if true) basically after the Mama era for exo, revelaing their powers, they were discovered and taken to facilaty where they were supposed to be experminted on. However, the members want out for they don't believe they should be kept they use their powers and try to escape.And I think they do escape.
In the Monster Video, they were discovered again and with force, be brought back to the facility. they try to fight their way away from them, but it did not work, they felt like monsters for they were about to be locked up like one. towards the end of the video, they boys were freed from no other than Baekhyun! Beakhyun was the only one who was still at the table during one of the scenes. and get this...remeber when kai just broke into dance during the Lucky one video, if you see the choreograhpy for Monster, kai's dancing is part of the choreograhpy
So that's it...I know its not as good as regular mv theories...but I'm not nessecarily a theory analogist but tell me what u guys think of the theory or if u have any of ur own, let me know. ( quick hint, the hallway scene in Lucky one looks familiar doesn't it...(love me right! from Exo))
this actually does make a lot of sense good jobπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
OOOOOOooooOOOOoOOOOOOOOoooo I love this theory!
ooh this sounds interesting πŸ‘
YES! The dance choreography IS the same! ahhh I wonder if all the songs in their comeback are going to be tied together
it makes sense to me sooooo ima go with it
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