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Have you ever thought you had so much going on in your head that you just wanted to sit down and write about it? Well, I haven't - until now. I mean, why would that even happen, right? I'm so busy lately, and the chances are you are too. We're too busy to do things that make us happy by doing the things we think could make us happy. But they don't, do they? And the funny part is that I've never even thought about this, let alone wanted it. But what is the point in complaining how every day is just the same as the previous five hundred if you don't do anything about it? So I'm doing something. I know no one will read this - I know I wouldn't - but it's just how it works. I'm 20. I like to think I dream big. Have you ever met a guy that was sitting in a bus, lost in his own world? Well I'm sorry, I'm not that guy. I'm the one that you see when you look out the window. The one that walks through the rain with a broken umbrella and a bag full of, well, even I don't know what's in it anymore. I'm not homeless, far from it, but I do like to walk. When I walk, I am free. I can think. Imagine having a superpower. Imagine if you could create a something in your head, a thought that makes you do something you never hoped you could do. Amazing, isn't it? You could create something from nothing. So what about me? I've had such thought a while ago. When I was 11 I thought I could be a programmer. I was raised in a small town in a small eastern Europe country. How the hell could I be a programmer? It was just a dream. Well, it could have been if I cared about the odds of actually making it. However, in five years I earned my first money from an Android app I made. I've taught myself on the Internet, simultaneously learning that weird language called English. Two years after that I got an amazing job I left a year later. Again, why would I do that? I had a thought again. A thought that drove me crazy. I wanted to have my own company, even though there was so much at stake. I quit my job, I've lost my girlfriend, I screwed up college, I moved back to my parents. I've been asking myself for months why would I do that. Why would anyone? For more than a year it's been a struggle. I felt so bad about everything, but I kept working. After all, I did have a company when I was 19. About a year later it got so bad we have decided to give up on everything we've worked on and redefine the problem we were trying to solve. But we're still trying, and we always will, because there is something about risk that gets under your skin. You know, I've read an amazing book called "The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable" and I realized something. You've read it a few paragraphs earlier, but it probably didn't make an impression. To make a real change, aim for something highly improbable. Dream big. You'll catch your black swan. When you fail, you learn, and when you learn, make sure you do something with the knowledge you gained. That's what I try to do. And that's who I am.
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