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OMG!!! I love how they did this mv! The upbeat song and kai dancing when he should be running lol probably saying " I'll beat them with my dance moves!" ChanBaek!!!! Chanyeol and sehun rapping yass!!! D.O. haircut though!!! why did they do that!!!
OMG I LOVE THIS SONG I JUST KNOW I'M GONNA KEEP ON REPLAYING THIS SONG! Those dance moves ugh so good!!! The beat so perfect!!! Happy for sehun getting more screen timing too!! "I'm creeping in your heart bae" omg you already did though!! And Baekhyun with those piercings ugh why you do this to me!!! And baekhyun at the end ahh !!!!! why exo!! IDK but I love this dark vibe idk if I'm the only one oh well.
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I'm loving the dark vibe too.