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HEY HEY HEY EVERYONE! Here is Chapter 8 of my Fanfic! Enjoy! :)

Pairings: Reader X Jackson

Warning: Foul Language


Link----› Lets begin with the chapter!
Y/N POV My mind was racing fast with what I just heard. All I could think of was I was right. He was hiding something. A girlfriend. A girlfriend whom is now my best friend. "Y/N, Its not what you think. I'm no-" "Y/N, Can I have a moment alone with my boyfriend please. I would like to talk with him real quick" Ariana says cutting Jackson off. "S-sure, I-I'm gonna go check on the food. Its probably done by now." I say as I made my way to the kitchen I walked as fast as I could to get away from them. My eyes slowly starting to tear up. This day just turned to a bad one.... ****
ARIANA'S POV My plan was working perfectly. I could see the hurt in her eyes and the big shock too. This was making me very happy. I turned to look at Jackson once I saw Y/N was gone to the kitchen. I could already see the pissed off reaction in his face. "What the fuck are you doing here Ariana?!?!? Why did you say I was your boyfriend to Y/N when we're not!" He says angrily I chuckled "Listen Jackson, you are gonna go along with this whether you like it or not" "Oh yeah? And what makes you think I'll agree to thi-" "Because if you don't" I say getting close to his face while grabbing his collar in a sexy matter "I will tell Y/N that your an idol from a group called GOT7" Jackson pushed away from me and grabbed my arm. "What!" He replied "Let go of my arm Jackson, your hurting me!" I whisper yelled He pulled harder "That's right, what you heard" I say as I chuckled at him even though my arm was hurting from his tight grip. "I heard you and Mark talking that other night outside the studio. Apparently she doesn't know who you are. So now, I am gonna use that to my advantage." I say with a smirk "Why are you doing this? I broke up with you remember?!?! Why are you back here now?" He says still gripping my arm "I'm back for you, my love. No one can have you! Only I can. So if you don't want her to find out about your little secret, then you best go along with everything I say...or else I will tell her everythi-" "No!" He says cutting me off "Don't tell her anything, I'll go along with what you say" He continued I smiled at his answer. I got you now Jackson Wang. "Good boy." I say patting his head with my other arm. He then let go of the grip he had on my arm. "You don't want another repeat of what happened between us, do you? Thats why you don't want her to know. If she found out, you won't be as comfortable anymore because you'll just be wondering if she's just pretending to love you because your an idol and have money." I say "It's the reason why I dumped your ass in the first place. I was too blind in love with you to even see it. I don't want that to happen. Not with Y/N. She's special." He said looking down "Its too bad. She's probably not gonna want to talk to you anymore. She's gonna hate you and thats what I'm aiming for" I say "You fucking bitch" He muttered ****
Y/N POV I checked the food to see if it was ready and it was. I wasn't sure if they we're done talking so I stayed for a couple more minutes in the kitchen. Maybe they'll call me when their done. My mind was racing. All I was thinking about was Their making out, they're touching each other. His hands are on her, His lips are on her, His body is pressed up on hers. I was getting angry at just the thought of that happening. At some point, I wanted to grab Ariana and punch her. Then again, they knew each other before, so I have no right to do that. I was more angry was towards Jackson. Since the beginning he flirted with me, made it look like he was interested in me. The way he smiled at me, The way he got close to me, That day he told me I drive him crazy and almost kissed me. AHHHHH! I was a fool to ever think someone like him would ever be interested in me. I don't ever want to see him again. I don't want him near me! "Y/N! Were done talking, is the food ready, I'm starving!" I hear Ariana yell out "C-coming!" I reply back I go out to the dining room to place the food in the middle. I noticed that he was still here standing next to her. I saw him staring at me, which only made me look away. "Hope you don't mind that I asked Jackson to stay and eat with us" Ariana says "N-no, I don't mind at all. Ill go get the plates and silver wear, be back" I reply "Do you need help? Jackson go help her!" She says "No!" I say quickly "I got it. I don't need help. Thanks though" I continued "Nonsense, Jackson go help her. Ill go find a movie we can watch together in the meantime. Go go!" She says I sighed but didn't fight back. "Fine..." I say glaring at him He was staring at me back but I just rolled my eyes and walked to the kitchen. "Y-Y/n, I-I'm sorr-" "Don't" I say cutting him off "I don't want to hear anything you have to say. Not now." I continued to say handing him the plates while I got the cups and silver wear. I then made my way back to the dining table with Jackson behind me. We placed everything on the table and sat down. Ariana and Jackson sitting together and me sitting on the opposite side of them. I wanted to hurl when I saw Ariana feeding Jackson. For some reason, I saw that he wasn't enjoying it. He wasn't enjoying himself at all. Hmm weird. **** After we finished eating, Ariana picked up the plates, I picked up the left over food to place it in the fridge and Jackson picked up the plates and spoons and headed towards the kitchen. "You can just leave it there, I'll wash them" I say "Are you sure, I can wash them right now for you" Ariana responds "I'm sure. How about you go get the movie ready." I respond "Okay!" She said heading off to the living room leaving Jackson and Me alone in the kitchen. Again. I started washing the dishes not caring that he was there behind me watching. Got to admit though, it was nerve racking. "Do you need some help Y/N?" He says I kept silent and washing. I know what your thinking. Why don't you just hear him out. Well I don't want to. At least not right now that I'm still taking in what happened. "Y/N" He says again, this time placing his hand on my shoulder. I shivered at the touch. His touch made me feel so soft and warm. "I don't need help Jackson. Go see if your girlfriend does though" I say snapping at him I heard him sigh but didn't leave. This is getting hard. I thought to myself I finished washing the dishes so I dried off my hands and started to walk away from the sink when all of a sudden Jackson grabs me by the arm and pushes me to the counter trapping me. "W-what are you doing? Are you crazy! Your girlfrien-" "Sstop saying girlfriend Y/N it's driving me nuts!" He whisper yells I looked at him in shock. why is he being like this. Doesn't he know we could get caught. His damn girlfriend is in the next room. Any moment now, she can walk inside and see us. "Let go Jackson or I will scream" I say as I tried to break us apart "Y/N stop, please. Listen to me-" "No!" I say cutting him off. "I don't need to or have to listen to you right now. I don't know what the hell is happening. I am so confused! So just please. Stop bothering me and getting close to me and touching me for fucks sake!" I say whisper yelling as we both looked at each other. "I-I'm sorry Y/N " He says quietly letting go of me and looking at the floor "Yeah, sure you are" I respond and started walking to the living room "I'm so excited for the movie!" Ariana says Jumping She then pulled Jackson next to her and cuddled up to him. I decided to sit on the other couch away from them both. I just want this movie to end.. **** Finally..The movie ended I thought to myself. "Wooooow this movie was awesome! Thanks for the invite Y/N. We should definitely do this again soon!" Ariana says "Yeah...we should" I say They both got up and started heading to the door. I got up behind them to say our goodbye's. "Bye Y/N, thanks so much for the invite. But we didn't even do homework at all.." Ariana says "Yeah I sort of forgot about that too but I'll get on it in a bit" I respond She smiled and hugged me then went towards Jackson and hugged him. She then did something I couldn't watch and made me boil in anger inside. She grabbed him by the collar and kissed him....on the lips... Jackson pulled away from her. "Yah, Ariana, not in front of Y/N!" He says "Why not, your my boyfriend and I don't think she minds, do you Y/N?" She says YES I DO MIND YOU FUCKING BITCH! I thought to myself "N-No, I don't mind, why would I" Was all I said "See babe, she don't mind" Ariana says to Jackson "Well I do, it's weird" He responds Ariana rolled her eyes but gave him a last hug and waved goodbye at me and left, leaving Jackson and I alone....Again. "Y/N?, I-" "No! I have homework to do, Goodbye Jackson" I say as I closed the door to a distraught Jackson.

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thirty seconds in to Arianna's pov and I already wanna kill a bitch. woah I'm about to lay some unholy hands on this trick! *flips a table* 😠😠😠😠😠😂😂😂😂
*starts to dig Arianna a ditch*
@Gaehwa I know the feeling...while I was writing it, I wanted to kick her ass and dig a hole... @JeniseRamos Hehehe
This fucking bitch I swear. I don't usually swear but that bitch... I can't even express it in words
@Lexxcisco Lmao you would @BabydollBre LOL believe me, when i was writing it, i wanted to do the same lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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