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So I literally just got done Binge watching this Show and sure enough I fell in love with this character for a couple reasons. One I love Ayane Sakura, She is my Second Favorite Seiyuu and plays a whole bunch of my Waifus in other future Shows, and Two, She is probably the Cutest and most badass Characters I've ever seen. SO LET ME INTRODUCE WAIFU #32 MERRY NIGHTMARE TO MY PERSONAL HAREM!!!!
Merry is a Dream Demon who is the Gate Keeper of the door that connects the Dream World and Real World. Unlike other Dream Demons, Merry Doesn't need to possess a human to enter the Real world, as she has her own body. Searching for a door to come back to the Dream World, She falls on Yumeji one day, who wants to help her find her way back home. At first she was reluctant, When a Daydream occurs and when she saves Yumeji's life, She accepts his help.
She Takes the appearance of a young Teenage girl with purple hair, and Green eyes with Rectangular pupils (Which her pupils change between Black and White). She always has her trademark white hat with a pink insignia in the middle and ribbons on the sides coming out of this. Her upper body attire consists of a white over shirt, which goes down over her chest and a purple undershirt around the same size. Her lower body attire consists of a white skirt with black and white stockings and black shoes with her insignia mark. She has once worn a maids outfit, when Isana Tachibana's father made her work for his restaurant. The Mangas Author has said that Merry's clothes are based on a sheep. In the Flashback at the beginning of the Manga, Merry is shown wearing a white sundress and a hat similar to the one she wears now, but without the insignia of a closed eye on it.
Merry is very energetic. She has a very deep trust in Yumeji, who promised to take her back to the Dream World. She would often look for support in him. At the time Engi (Another Dream Demon) told Merry that she has been killing other Dream Demons instead of sending them back. Merry fell in despair, and tried to convince herself that it wasn't true. She also tried to leave Yumeji when they went on a trip to the beach, but was immediately chased down by Yumeji and convinced her not to run away, this costed Yumeji a broken ankle. Merry cannot eat spicy food or drink soda, but she absolutely loves donuts (She calls them the Treasure of Reality) above everything else and she loves video games alot. She currently works as a waitress at the Tachibana Restaurant.
Merry is a certified badass. As a Dream Demon Merry has the ability to infiltrate daydreams and nightmares, Physically Merry is a very Skilled fighter, and seems to be the only Dream Demon that only utilizes Close quarters combat. Merry is very powerful despite her looks, She is very capable of defeating foes and is able to crush large stones with one punch, as well as possessing incredible agility in her Battles so far. Oddly enough Merry is also lacking in the endurance department just as Yumeji is. As the Gatekeeper her Garden is the Boundary door between Reality and the Dream World. As the only Dream Demon who can exist outside of her Garden, it may explain her amnesia (As every other Dream Demon exist only inhabit theirs). Merry Possess a Keychain that, when it touches another Dream Demon can forcefully send them back into the Dream World. The Keychain has also been shown to have its keys detach and summon the Gates Itself. Merry also has the ability to dispel another Dream Demons Abilities with a single touch, as seen in her fight with Engi Threepiece where Merry destroyed her swords. Merry can also shift into completely different person when emotionally distressed, becoming a darker and more violent, as well as summoning webs of shackles using the key rings in each hand, influencing the more popular mode nickname, Gate Keeper Merry. This mode allows her to destroy anything within a Garden, including the Garden itself. She has used this power more than twice in the Manga so far, both times happening whenever Yumeji has been heavily injured (fighting Engi) and potentially killed (Fighting Heracles). Later in the Manga it is revealed that Merry is the Guardian of the Boundary between the Real world and Dream World making her the special type of Dream Demon that possesses the ability to send Dream Demons back to the Dream World. It is also revealed that her well-being is dependent on the door she guards. The more Dream Demons pass through the door, the more damaged the door gets, and more frequent her fainting becomes. If The door is completely destroyed, it will result in her death.
So That's Merry Nightmare!!! If you guys have not Seen or heard of Yumekui Merry, I highly recommend this show because it really messes with your brain, in a psychological sense. AGAIN INTRODUCING WAIFU #32 OF HAREM MADNESS, MERRY NIGHTMARE!!! @hikaymm @Aimebolanos @tylor619cruz @SAMURXAI @SimoneSanders @NeckoNecko @InVinsybll #MerryNightmare #DreamDemon #Waifu #YouCan'tHaveHer #She'sABadass #DonutsAreLove
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she has goat eyes
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