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I wanted to do a Marvel character from Civil War for the new movie so, I chose my favorite in the movie Black Panther! It was originally going to be Spartan Locke instead because, I just recently beat Halo 5 and I like him way more than Chief but, Chief is easier to use and has more feats. This series is where I take two or more fictional characters list off there feats and abilities and decide on who I think would win based on the facts.
Combatant one: Black Panther (T'challa) Has all the knowledge from his past lives and is superhuman. Stated to be the eigth smartest man in the world. Considers Reed to be the only person to keep up with him and T'challa creates shadow physics. Beats Ironman on several different occasions while they both had prep time. Has a contingency plan for Galactus. Created the Techno Jungle under Wakanda. Creates a device that dampens psionic abilities. Detective skills. Designed Falcon's wings. Works with Reed doing science. Prepped for mind control based off of evidence he found from a crime scene. Built magnetic gauntlets from the home department store. Wrestles a crocodile as well as a lion. Breaks Super Skrull's arm and his leg. Stopped an elephant from moving. Body slams a rhino. Punches through a metal coffin. Almost punches off Red Skull's jaw. Uses a tree as a spear. Brings down a five ton rhino. KOs a few aliens and even defeats one of Thanos's Generals. Reaching a rooftop in ten seconds while dragging a man. Ran on wire barefooted. Leaps from a bridge to his car. Catches Spiderman and is faster than Wolverine. Has dodged gun fire. Suit allows for silent movement, walking on water and walls, and it robs objects thrown or shot at him from there momentum. In his gear he has flash marbles, emp, anti metal claws that break down any other metal, vibranium ear plugs, long range weapon disruptor, teleportation device, and more. Really fucking rich.
Combatant two: Master Chief Spartans posses perfect night vision and can see in the dark. Spartans can run 34 mph and can only get faster in time. They can lift 3 times their body weight- which, is almost double the norm due to their increased muscle density, Chief stood just over 2 meters tall and weighed in at 130 kilos of rock-hard muscle and iron-dense bone giving him a lifting strength of 390 kilos (859.803 pounds) Dodged point blank gunfire and tore through metal with his bare hands. Reaction times estimated by 20 milliseconds and faster in combat situations. By age 14 Chief had the body of an 18 year Olympic athlete. *Feats listes above were without armor Mjolnir amor doubles the users strength. Increases reaction time even more to the point of 4 milliseconds. John focused his mind on motion. He leaped over a 3 meter-high wall. He punched at concrete targets-shattering them. He threw knives, sinking them up to their hafts into the target dummies. He slid under barbed wire as bullets zinged over head. He stood, and let rounds deflect off the armor. To his amazement, he actually dodged one or two of the rounds Halo: Fall of Reach pg. 117 paperback (Chief's name is John) Armor possesses energy shields. He [John] climbed the pole and balanced on top. He leaped to the next pole, teetered, regained his balance-then jumped to the next. His reflexes had to be perfect; he was landing half a ton of man and armor on a wooden pole 10 cm in diameter. Halo: Fall of Reach pg. 261-262 Slapped away a missile shot at him from a jet. Beat the shit out of ODST soldiers. Has taken plenty of falls from planets atmospheres. Trained in hand to hand since birth. His equipment includes an assault rifle, magnum, dual sub machine guns, sniper rifle, energy sword, and pule grenades. The Mark 6 module is the strongest made so far which, includes stronger shields and infared and thermal visions. Suit possesses biofoam whenever the Spartan is wounded. Has deafeated alien elites with his bare hands. Titanium alloyed suit easily capable of reflecting gunfire. Suit does not shut down by the affects of an emp.
WINNER: Neither The very first draw in Versus Battle! Whenever a fictional match up happens there's always gonna be a winner, there's never going to be a tie but, in my case I can see both characters winning. The two of them are simply two similar for ME to decide on the victor, I feel that a fight like this would take professionals like Death Battle. Black Panther has wrestled pretty much anything you can think of in Africa and has even stopped an elephant. John has taken a fall from space as well as beating elites bare handed and thrown a Spartan in armor that weighs have a ton. With Black Panther's bullet proof suit and weapon disruptor it would come down to hand to hand combat which, he is trained in martial arts to it's finest while John has been trained in hand to hand since he was born and even took down ODST soldiers as a kid. I can see Black Panther's claws cutting through his armor and eventually taking him down and I can see John sticking a plasma grenade to Black Panther as he's close enough and taken his suit down a notch for him to win or I could see him impaling Black Panther with the energy sword and killing him. Either of the two can beat the other if they were to take the other out of there suit and still have theirs. Blank Panther is smarter while John has more experience. You can comment on who you think would win but, I would agree with both sides, the winner is... the fans!
@OGv6FATE yeah I got that he boxed them to death one guy described the sounds like thunder when he would make contact
I'm going Master Chief I love me some halo
Black panther all the way
Unless Panther know to hit the back of chief's neck or head then this easily to master chief
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