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So having been spoiled on a very pertinent detail about a manga I was reading, I decided to record myself talking about it. I'll put the video link here;
(Sorry for the bad quality)
But while I'm just perusing I get spoiled for stuff even before the manga was been officially released. Please just use spoiler tags! And don't give away the spoiler in the title! Tag everyone in the anime community you can because I don't want to quit using Vingle, but anime/manga comes first, and if what would have been the most emotional moment in a manga is ruined... I won't use Vingle anymore. So please, those of you who want to share these cool happenings, put up spoiler tags, don't put the spoiler in the card, and for the love of God, wait for it to come out! Please share this because this needs to stop.
@ScarletKitty thanks... I kept thinking the video was terrible so I'm glad someone liked it.
@AdamDean that happened to me as well!! I agree with you 100%~ Also, nice video, if you do continue on the YouTube path I'll definitely subscribe 😊
Very good point!!! I'll tag people shortly, and I'm also posting a card about using spoiler cover images. Thanks for bringing this up!
@neevp same honestly... it was such a great moment ruined.
Oh my I cried a little when you mentioned his name 😭 I saw that card and now I will not click another card EVER /.\
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