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Recently, there have been a lot of cards posted that have spoilers in them - some are tagged, some are not! We should be kind to our Vingle Nakama and not spoil them! Special thanks to @AdamDean for bringing this to my attention.

I know it may seem like it takes too much time, but try your best not to spoil other people by taking a few simple steps!

Don't put the newest page of an ongoing manga (or, a screencap of the most exciting moment of a new episode of an anime) as the first image on your card!

This will immediately spoil it for people, even if they don't mean to see it :(

Remember that the first image of a card, as well as the first few lines, shows up in the feed.

- Put SPOILERS as the first word in the card or the title so that people know they should stop reading IMMEDIATELY if they don't want to be spoiled~

Instead, try putting one of these images (or make your own!!) as a "spoiler cover" image for the first image on the card!

I tried making some new ones for series that are new or popular on Vingle :D

Use those, or simply use the show's poster image!

Like @AimeBolanos and @AnimeNerdie often do :D Great job guys!!

Please just remember to be considerate & tag your spoilers! Add a buffer image if needed. It's that simple!

Thanks everyone!!! Love you Nakama <3 <3 <3 Tagging some of you~~~
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thanks for doing a card on this!!! i really really hate spoilers. My brother told me he knew what was happening in the next season of FT and i believed him and i actually cried lol but then he was like i was just joking... but spoilers ruin everything there are a few anime i didn't watch or dropped just because when i checked them out by googling them, spoilers about characters dying or major plot points came up in the browser!!! i also hate when u look at a card or a post about an anime you ar
*Blushes* I try my best lol.. but I completely agree with @AdamDean spoilers suck especially when you actually buy the manga! Before I would get spoiled with things from FT and literally forced myself to read the manga so no one could do that to me again
Ha, wasn't tagged so rules don't apply to me 😎 lol jk I use the same spoiler warning as @AimeBolanos
Thank you so much. I hope people take this to heart.
I hate spoilers, I try to avoid them. in not caught up with fairy taill yet and when I see a spoiler it ruins it. be considerate pleas :)
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