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Recently, there have been a lot of cards posted that have spoilers in them - some are tagged, some are not! We should be kind to our Vingle Nakama and not spoil them! Special thanks to @AdamDean for bringing this to my attention.

I know it may seem like it takes too much time, but try your best not to spoil other people by taking a few simple steps!

Don't put the newest page of an ongoing manga (or, a screencap of the most exciting moment of a new episode of an anime) as the first image on your card!

This will immediately spoil it for people, even if they don't mean to see it :(

Remember that the first image of a card, as well as the first few lines, shows up in the feed.

- Put SPOILERS as the first word in the card or the title so that people know they should stop reading IMMEDIATELY if they don't want to be spoiled~

Instead, try putting one of these images (or make your own!!) as a "spoiler cover" image for the first image on the card!

I tried making some new ones for series that are new or popular on Vingle :D

Use those, or simply use the show's poster image!

Like @AimeBolanos and @AnimeNerdie often do :D Great job guys!!

Please just remember to be considerate & tag your spoilers! Add a buffer image if needed. It's that simple!

Thanks everyone!!! Love you Nakama <3 <3 <3 Tagging some of you~~~
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thanks for doing a card on this!!! i really really hate spoilers. My brother told me he knew what was happening in the next season of FT and i believed him and i actually cried lol but then he was like i was just joking... but spoilers ruin everything there are a few anime i didn't watch or dropped just because when i checked them out by googling them, spoilers about characters dying or major plot points came up in the browser!!! i also hate when u look at a card or a post about an anime you ar
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*Blushes* I try my best lol.. but I completely agree with @AdamDean spoilers suck especially when you actually buy the manga! Before I would get spoiled with things from FT and literally forced myself to read the manga so no one could do that to me again
2 years agoΒ·Reply
Ha, wasn't tagged so rules don't apply to me 😎 lol jk I use the same spoiler warning as @AimeBolanos
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Thank you so much. I hope people take this to heart.
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I hate spoilers, I try to avoid them. in not caught up with fairy taill yet and when I see a spoiler it ruins it. be considerate pleas :)
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