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Korean Handwriting Challenge!

Yesterday @KDramaKPop1015 posted a card using their own handwriting, and it inspired me to make this challenge!

Below, I posted a picture of how I write 안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo/hello). The first one is me focusing and writing nicely so its clear lol and the second is how I write more naturally (faster, messier haha!)

To join the challenge simply write 안녕하세요 or whatever you'd like to in Hangul, upload it to Vingle, and we can look at each other's hand writing.

*side story lol* I actually had a boss when I worked Payless Shoes that loved analyzing handwriting so she'd always analyze signatures on receipts. She believes you can tell a lot from a person's handwriting :D

Be sure to tag me if you take the challenge!

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I still in learning stage, so my writing looks alot like the text book. I'm sure when I get more comfortable using hangul than my writing will get more me.
a year ago·Reply
My Hangul looks like little kid writing still ... too embarrassing to show anyone yet.
a year ago·Reply
@jennjennrain I just took a picture of a piece of paper I wrote on and then uploaded the pic in a card haha
a year ago·Reply
challenge accepted
a year ago·Reply
doing this brb XDD
a year ago·Reply