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What do you do when you find out your best friend is in love with your worst enemy? A story about Bobby and B.I and your involved! ☆MY PHOTO EDITING! I will be having different cover photo☆ part 15 》Need to catch up《 ° part13 ° SNEAK PEEK ° part 12 ° Part 11 ° Part 10 ° Part 9 ° Part 8 ° Part 7 ° part 6 ° part 5 ° part 4.1 ° part 4 ° part 3 ° part 2 ° part 1 ° preview
Bobby pov. I remember a couple of years before when B.I and me first made love. I remember a promise we made, A promise we swore to keep no matter what happen. But I guess promises are just not meant to be kept, only broken and forgotten. "Promise me no matter what happens you'll never hurt me and leaves my side." "I promise to never hurt you and not matter what happens, even if we're far away from each I'll swim across the ocean just to be with you. " I made him a promise I didn't keep, a promise I swore to honor and protect. But instead I broke that promise and loved someone else in his place. I hurt him and forgot about him for a moment when I trick my mind Into believing my love for her was true when it wasn't. now he in the arms of another man, another man who keep the promises he made. He with someone who truly make him happy, someone who cherishes every given moment he has with him. Someone who actually flew arcoss the sea to be with him. someone who better than me, someone who made him believe in love all over again... No wonder he's forgotten about me... Now I'm alone all because of my stupidity... I've lost a piece of me... B.I forgive me for the heart break I'm about to cause you... but I can't stand seeing someone else make you smile.... I'm sorry.... _____ Narrator pov Bobby walked the streets while listening to music as he looked at the beautiful lights of seoul. He wasn't sure if he was sad or not, he knew that he wasn't happy but he didn't feel so down only regretful of his actions. Bobby watched as couples walked hand and hand others holding each other's in their arms. Even two doves stop right in front him as they gave each other cute little bird kisses then flew away together. Walking on the ledges of the wall as he spreads his arms wide part like a airplane he tried to keep his balance. He remembered when B.I and him would climb up the ledges and try walking fast without falling or losing balance. Bobby begin to go down the same paths he once walked with B.I before and started to reminisce of good times. Bobby notice three high school kids who remind him of B.I (Y/N) and him. he started chuckling as one of the boy took the girl shoe just like B.I did to you ones. "Yah!! Give me my shoe!!!" "You want it then come and get it, you need to excise anyways" the young boy laughed "How rude!! I'm not fat! Yah!!!" the girl shouted as the other friend ran after both of them. the smile on Bobby face suddenly vanishes slowly as tears started to drip down. Bobby touch his own cheek as he felt the liquid that fell from his eyes. "I'm crying? why am I crying when this is a happy memory?" Bobby asked himself Bobby pulled his hat downward and stared at the ground as he began to walk faster and faster then soon began to run as fast as possible. He wasn't sure as to where he was going but he didn't stop and kept on going until finally he ran out of breath and drop to the ground rolled into his back and laid on the green fields ground as he started up at the stars in the sky. covering his eyes with his arm he begin to cried silently as he murmured to himself. "Why did you have to go and ruin everything Bobby why?" His tears started falling down faster as he tried to bite back his hitchs. "I want to go back... I want to go back to the time when we didn't have to worry about anything, when we were young and navi kids who didn't have time to waste worrying... I want to be by his side again.... I want to be happy" Bobby cried to himself as he laid alone in the park. Meanwhile you laid in your bed crying none stop as you wished that you never meet Bobby. Donghyuk tried to comfort you as he pat your back and telling you everything going to be okay. Even though he himself was in pain and hurt he stay strong for you because he could let you see him weak. "Why are we so unlucky with love donghyuk?" you ask him as you sat up. "Because we still haven't found our happy ending just yet" said DongHyuk as he grab a tissue and wiped your running nose. "Why is it taking so long" you whined as you toss your self back, hitting your head onto the headboard. "oooww" you whimpered donghyuk chuckled as he rubbed your head. Even though donghyuk was younger he always gave off that older brother type of feeling. especially since he always knew that to say to you to make you feel better. but when he had moved away at a young age to live with your real dad and with his other wife you got depress and lonely. But then Bobby came along and became your protector and the one person you felt that you could always count on to never hurt you or leave you. Guess something are never meant to stay the same, things are always going to change As you get older. people are always going to come and go no matter what, it's part of life and you knew that better then other's do. "DongHyuk..." you sniffled "yeah what's up noona?" "aren't you going to go talk to Hanbin now?" you asked him "Mhmm but after I see that your not crying I don't want to leave you alone" he said with a fake smile that you could see right through it. "just go donghyuk you need to work things out but don't make things worse you can't believe everything Bobby said okay" you advice him. Even though you didn't like b.i you also didn't Hate him. sometimes you wonder if your mother and his dad didn't meet maybe the two of you could have been really good friends. also you could see how much DongHyuk really like B.I just by the way his eyes tear up over B.I. you sighed as you stood up and pushed donghyuk out your room into the living room and than out the front door. "go and work things out okay" you said then closed the door behind you. ___ On the way back home from the market B.I notices something strange. a weird shadowy figure out over by the park that a across the street from the store. Squinting his eyes as he tried to focus his eye sight he slowly begins to walk closer. Looking both ways before running across the street B.I begins to approach the shadowy figure. literally scared out if his mind he approached it cautiously and slowly. Finally he begins to get a better glimpse of the figure, B.I stop were he at as he stand still as he watches the boy who laying on the ground, crying his eyes out. "I want to go be young again and not worry about anything" B.I heard Bobby as he cried silently to himself. "Why does everything I touch always gets ruin why can't I be good enough" Bobby added still unaware of B.I presence "God I miss you so much why did I have to go and lose you... God please bring Him back to me" B.I felt a single tear steam down his cheek. "I miss them both so bad I want to go back to when we all were together and happy..." Bobby voice trembled as it became difficult for him to stop crying "Why am I so stupid!" Bobby shouted desperately as he slam his fist and the back of his head against the ground. B.I rest over to him as he heard the hard thump, startling Bobby from his sudden appearance he pulls away from B.I. Rubbing his eyes as he tried to fix his eyes sight; Bobby vision was a bit hazy from all of his crying. "B-B.I.... H-Hanbin" Bobby said as he reach over to touch B.I face gently. "What are doing here bobby?" B.I asked him as he grab Bobby hand and move it away from his face. "B.I I'm so sorry" Bobby sobs "Stop it" B.I said demandingly "I should have chase after you" "Stop it Bobby!" He shouts angrily "I should have kept our promise I should have ran to you like I said I would!" Bobby Cried as he looked into B.I eyes. "Shut up!" B.I hollered as he stood up, planting both his feet firmly on the ground "I shouldn't have hurt you!" Bobby Cried out as he stood up to meet B.I eye to eye. "But you did!" B.I addressed as his throat tighten Bobby grip his chest as his heart pound in his chest. He couldn't bare the way B.I looked the way his eyes gather water and the way his voice cracked. He knew how much it killed B.I and he regretted it so much. Bobby reach over to him but B.I smack his hands away. "Why didn't you try and contact me! huh" B.I said as the eyes filled with hatred "I'm sorry" "WHY DID YOU TRY TO FIND ME!!" B.I yelled "I don't know...I should have" Bobby said in a low tone of voice as he stared at the ground "you didn't even try to find me when you went to LA, Why!?" B.I cooed as tears fill down his cheeks "I wanted too.." "But you didn't!! Bobby you fucking didn't!" B.I exclaimed "I know and I'm sorry!" Bobby cried out as he tried again to reach out to B.I "DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME!!" B.I shoved Bobby to the ground as he looked down at him "Do you have any idea how much I died every night knowing you forgot about me! All those nights I cried until I pass out!" "Hanbin please I didn't want to hurt you I'm sorry" Bobby apologize as he stared up at B.I with watery and puffy eyes "you can say your sorry all you fucking want But that will never change shit! it won't make aNY difference! not all those painful night all those days I missed you and hated you at the same time all those times I tried to end my life for you! IT WON'T CHANGE THE FACT THAT YOU HURT ME!!!" B.I pour out every single ounce of pain he held in for so long. "I hurt too!! you weren't the only who cried every night!" Bobby protested as he stood up quickly "You fucking piece of shit! you sure did suffer! did you all those fucking night you spent sleeping with that little slut!!" B.I hollered as Bobby eyes wide in shock. "What was i suppose to do!?" "You could have tried to look for me bobby or find a way to contact me, anything! BUT NO INSTEAD YOU GO AND FUCK THAT BITCH (y/N)" "I was young! Hanbin I was depress and devastated I did anything to avoid the pain" Bobby explains B.I laugh sarcastically as he raked his hair back as he nods his head. His face expression showed how frustrated he was as he turn around then turn back to look at Bobby. B.I grabs Bobby by the collar of his shirt as he pulled him in close just a inch away from each other. "I should have know the very moment I meet you that I should had let down my walls for you" B.I said with a rough tone of voice "Please forgive me" Bobby plead "You can take that apology and shove it up your ass" B.I shoved Bobby to ground "or better yet maybe (Y/N) will like it better seeing how she like to fuck anything that doesn't belong to her" B.I added as he walked off Bobby got back up and run after B.I; grabbing him by his arm. B.I yanked it away as he turn around and swung his fist. Bobby quick enough to dodge it as he throws a punch at B.I out of reflexes. B.I falls to ground from the blow, he slowly touched his lip and looks at his hand as he pulled away. Bobby cover his mouth as he fell to his knees and touch B.I bleeding lip. "Oh my God I'm so sorry" Bobby apologize B.I snarled at him as he slapped his hand away and tried to hit him again, Bobby already knowing all his move he catch his fist in his hand. B.I tried to pull away but Bobby held on to it tightly. Bobby Grab B.I other fist as he tried to punch him with his other hand. Bobby quickly pushed him down as he climbed over B.I pinning both his hands to the ground. B.I tried to fight him off but Bobby sat down on him as he press his thigh together squishing B.I. "Let me go you shit!!" B.I growled "not until you calm down" Bobby said "I am calm now get the fuck off!!" he barked "You don't seem calm" "I'm going to FUCKING PUNCH YOU IN THE NECK" B.I states Bobby only watches him as he struggles around until he starts to slowly stop, getting tired B.I quits and lays there piss off. avoiding to look at Bobby he turns his head to the side. "You done" Bobby remarks "No....Bitch" b.i mutters Bobby chuckles at how cute B.I pouty face was. Bobby slowly Leans in close kiss him, B.I notice and turn his head from side to side. Bobby let's go of his hands and grab B.I face as he plants a kiss causing B.I to jolt a bit his eyes wide open. Suddenly Bobby feels someone grab him by the back of his shirt and pushes him off. before Bobby could look up to each who it was he receive a kick in face than in the gut. B.I quickly pulls himself up and rushes over to DongHyuk had Bobby held by the hair as he dragged him and toss him, causing him to roll then DongHyuk rushed over and kick him again in the stomach. it looked like DongHyuk was getting ready to kick a football over as he use all his force nearly causing Bobby cough a bit of blood. Bobby grasping for air as he squirm around on ground gripping onto his stomach. B.I wrapped his arm around donghyuk waist as he pulled him to the ground and roll onto of him. "DongHyuk stop please" B.I plead desperately "I'm going to kill that bastard" DongHyuk swore as he pushed B.I off and getting back up. B.I quickly grab onto his legs as he plead him to calm down. Donghyuk snatched his foot away as he grab B.I by the wrist and pulling him along with him. donghyuk walked towards B.I place that was only a couple of streets down from the park. B.I trying to keep up with his pace that he nearly stumble but that didn't stop DongHyuk as he kept yanking him more. Donghyuk toss him towards the front door as he order him to open it, B.I look worried and tried to talk to donghyuk but donghyuk only shouted louder to open the door. B.I quickly pulled out his key and open the door DongHyuk pushed him in as he slam the door shut behind them. Donghyuk grab B.I by the shoulders as he tried to force himself on to him. B.I pushed him away as he wiped his lips with his shirt selve looking at donghyuk with disgusting eyes. Donghyuk grunt as he rubbed his faces in irritation, DongHyuk pace back and forth until he bang his fist onto the wall. "You still have feeling for him don't you?" DongHyuk questions "What are you talking about donghyuk" B.I respond "Don't play dumb!" DongHyuk shouted as he shoved B.I on to the couch DongHyuk grab B.I arms as he Pinning them down by B.I side while he use his knees to hold them down. Donghyuk pulled of B.I shirt as B.I tried to fight him off but struggle as he couldn't move his hands. Donghyuk notice the mark on B.I Body, every inch of him had Bobby mark on it. Donghyuk cringes his teeth and clenched his fist then raked his hair back roughly as his heart filled with anger. you could see green in his eyes has it filled with jealousy. "Wae!!" DongHyuk growled as he hit the couch. B.I watched as the tears form in DongHyuk eyes as his shoulder slouch and his head hang. Coving his face as he started to cry with so much pain donghyuk let himself fall off of B.I and onto the ground as he continued to ask why through each cry. B.I sat up and slide down next to DongHyuk on the ground as DongHyuk cried into his knees. every sad muffled that escape in each hitched that tighten the knot in his throat and chest. B.I stroked donghyuk hair as he felt sympathy for the young boy who usually has the most brightest smile B.I every seen. "Why did you do it?" DongHyuk mange to say as the words struggled to escape. "DongHyuk I don't understand what you are talking about " B.I uttered "Did you fuck with him!!" DongHyuk Bluntly asked "I-I can't explain" B.I felt the guilt in his chest "B-But why... I d-did e-everything to h-help you B-believe in love a-again... why not me... w-why him?" DongHyuk stuttered as his crying made hard for him to speak. "What isn't that doesn't let you accept me in your heart" DongHyuk adds "your not him...." B.I said "WHY!!! CAN'T I BE GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU!" DongHyuk shouts "he hurt you and left you, never once did he bother to look for you but I did everything possible to get you closer to me!!! I ever convince the YG to help you win the contest so you could come back to korea!!" DongHyuk blurts out "I love him and no matter how much he hurts me I can't help but forgive him... I'm sorry DongHyuk but I'm in love with Bobby and nothing can change that" B.I explains as he felt tears stream down DongHyuk cried hard as he lean into B.I arms as B.I held him tightly and continued to apologize as he slightly weep a bit. Donghyuk looked up at B.I with so much sadness "I forgive you Hanbin but no matter what you'll always be in my heart even if I'm not in yours I love you..." DongHyuk kiss B.I one last time then stood up and walked off, B.I watched as he became smaller as he got farther away. The sudden rush that formed in B.I heart as he came to realization as he took off running. He heart racing his mind running in circles B.I shallow breathing as the air thicken and the sound of the cars high speed and loud honks that rang in his ears. He didn't care anymore about anything, about what people think of him, about being a disappointment of never being accept by his mother. all he care about was what he wanted what his heart yearns so desperately for and B.I wasn't gonna stop until he gets till him how much he truly love Bobby. B.I stop as he looks away the park for Bobby but no where insight did Bobby appear. quickly he runs to the side walk and looks at both ends to see if he was walking either side than look forward and spots Bobby on the other side of the street. B.I shouts out bobbys name but the loud cars block his voice, tears escaped B.I eyes as he called out desperately and anxiously. Bobby continued to walk as he looked at the ground his hand in both his pocket. B.I begins to run up the side walk as he follows Bobby from the other side still shouting his name. suddenly B.i stop as he realized Bobby was about to cross the big busy still without checking to see if cars were passing. "BOBBY!!!" he cries out earnestly but Bobby continued walking without stopping, B.I running as he cross the street; rushing to Bobby said. A loud Beeping sound snap Bobby out his daze as he hears B.I voice scream his name. quick to check he turn his head to see B.I running towards. Bobby tried to figure out what B.I was shouting as he couldn't hear him. B.I screamed as he waved his arms signaling him to move out of the way. "BOBBY MOVE!!!!" B.I Hollers Bobby look forward, his eyes widen in fear and the sudden bang was made. "B-......." and just like that the desperate cry was cut off.
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