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I've been on this app for a good minute, so I figured I should post a little introduction. My name is Nachos, but feel free to call me Nachos. I watch anime when the chance arises, and being that this is a summer I am without employment (as of now) the chance is here a lot lol.
I make terrible pictures and play video games as well, so if you ever have an idea like the one above I'll do my best to toss it into consideration Feel free to add me on various gaming platforms as well; I'm mostly on ps4 and sometimes steam
As for anime, that's a broad subject so I'll toss my hummingbird in my bio and you can ask what you want lol. I hope to make a few friends on here
Nice to meet you Nachos XD
I liked aigis too. Especially in the fes after story
he's my favorite character from persona 3 other than mitsuru, aigis, and Akihiko
Junpei is my hero
*the guy in the pic*
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