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What's up guys, John here. Today I decided to recognize SHINee's most recent songs. If you missed the throwback SHINee card I did just go here. Let's look at some popular, recent songs by this wonderful group.
All of their recent songs are on their latest album "Married to the Music". I really like this album. All of the songs were amazing. Tracklist: 1. Married to the Music(Title Track) 2. Savior 3. Odd Eye 4. Love Sick 5. View 6. Romance 7. Trigger 8. Farwell My Love 9. An Ode To You 10. Hold You 11. Alive 12. Woof Woof 13. Chocolate 14. Black Hole 15. Encore
Both Married to the Music and View has MVs. Married to the Music is a funky song that will keep you dancing all night long. View is a chill vibe song that will also keep you moving. Both have awesome choreo but I mean its SHINee, so of course its good.
Here are some live stages for some of thier other songs. One of my favorite songs off the album is "Odd Eye" 1. Savior 2. Odd Eye 3. Love Sick 4. Ode To You 5. Encore
They set an example for pure talent👌😉
I love Shinee. They are one of first kpop groups that got me hook on kpop.