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So the absolute lovely @kpopandkimchi decided that it would be fun to do an intro. As she stated we all talk, but hardly know about one another. 《Check her Beautiful Intro Here》

First Off: A little into the mind of Aimee ♡

➺ I am Aimee! You can Call me that.

➺ I just graduated college in December.

《I was a double major, Criminology & Sociology. An accomplishment I made was the APS Honors Society.

➺ I'm a proud INFJ/ENTP as my Shadow.

➺ I'm shy at first, slowly breaking out of that.

➺ I use terms of endearment. ALOT OF THEM. So if this bothers you, let me know.

➺ I have met all my precious Babies through here. For that I am thankful.

KPOP Origin:

➺ I fell in Love with JRock in my middle/Highschool years. 《Psssttttt over a decade ago》

➺ In 2012, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I had so many test to do, followed by many biopsies, and surgeries that brought me down. Kpop was my healing process, and gave me hope.

➺ I am three years strong ♡♡

☆☆ I fell in love with BEAST/B2ST with their release of Beautiful Night. These boys were my first group I fell in love with, or even listened to. After hearing the song, I was sold. The Vocals were beautiful and the singers were precious.

➺ ALL 6 were my loves. Yoseob, Dongwoon, Dujun, and Jun were my tops.

One Video turned into 5 and then it just spiraled out of control. Can't say I regret it.

Now I'm Multifandom, and proud.

☆☆☆ By multi-fandom, I mean a HUGE



Ultimate Group:

➺ HAAH well if you have seen me around, you know that Cross Gene is the Ultimate Group.

☆☆☆ I was given an honor to Mod the Cross Gene Community, which is like Heaven; a solace to me.

Ultimate Biases:

➺ Seyoungie & Sangmin

☆☆☆ YOU ever want to see me mopped up from a puddle, Mention those two to me. ⬆

➺ I turn to mush. Want to win my heart or an Argument, mesmerize me with their majestic beauty. We will also become the best of BFFers ♡♡

My Life outside of Vingle:

➺ I have two sisters and two nieces. They are my heart.

➺ Currently looking for experience to gain experience, in experience for a job that requires Experience.

☆☆☆ Confused yet? YOU'RE SO WELCOME!! ☆☆

¤¤ If you need someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to contact me ♡ I'm a pretty awesome listener.

I'm a huge Underdogg Spazzoid. I LOVE SEEING THEIR POTENTIAL & GROWTH.

You have also seen me creeping Around VIXX community On Monday's, Friday's, & Saturdays. (Everyday but shhhhhhh I don't need my Ninja skills revealed) In SHINee I like to creep on Tuesday's. (Also Everyday: Our little secret) ☆☆ Our communities would love to have you join us, if you aren't already in them ☆☆ We love preciouses ♡♡

So yes this was a little long, I apologize. But Thank you for reading! ♡♡ Keep on KPOPing On.