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ANIME: Kobato


Kobato is a sweet, perky, cute yet na茂ve girl who has a contract: to go to a certain place, she must fill a mysterious bottle with people's "healed hearts" to do so. However, the restriction is that she must finish before the four seasons end. As Kobato attempts to fulfill her mission, she is accompanied by Ioryogi, a spirit in the form of a dog plushie. Because Ioryogi is responsible for a punishment that has been applied to him and his friends from the spiritual world, he must guide Kobato and ensure that she succeeds her mission, so that he and his friends might return to their true forms.

EPISODES: 24 (2009-2010)



Kobato was 100% my favorite character. Yes, she was dense and a little stupid but she is so full of kindness and has a huge heart. Kobato is so caring and worries for others. She is so lively and bright. She helps as many people as she can and tries her hardest at everything even if she can't do many things. She gives it her all. Many think she is annoying but I think she's adorable and a likable character. She is so pretty and sweet. I love her character! And her little sidekick Ioryogi dislikes Kobato in the beginning but cares for her and wants the best for her in the end like a father. He was hateful but becomes loving towards her and it makes me cry. He even begs for more time... The one thing that made me love Kobato so much is her beautiful voice when she sings a song. She also has a really sad crying face that will drag you along to the crying train.


Kiyozaku Fujimoto is a serious and harsh young man who works at the same preschool as Kobato and is also her neighbor. As a child, Fujimoto was an orphan who was taken in by Sayaka's father who was the boss of the preschool. Sayaka is now in charge of the preschool after her late father passed. When Fujimoto first met Kobato he was rather unkind and cold towards her but eventually accepts her and falls for her. He often shuts Kobato down but also respects her dedication and optimistic attitude. He is hardworking not only is he working at the preschool to help Sayaka pay the debt she owes but he also works a few side jobs. He was also studying to become a lawyer but stopped going to college because he wanted to help pay off the debt faster. Fujimoto has acts cold towards others but he sometimes is very kind and his actions show that. For example, in one episode Kobato is trying to help find a home for a kitten she found but no one wants it. He even tells Kobato it's useless but he actually asks people at work and on the streets. Eventually he is the one who finds a home for the kitten. He is tall and good looking as well.

Confession with a rejection!

I feel bad for Domouto but he is confessining to the most dense girl in the world. So, he should've known it was coming.
"I like girls like you, Kobato."
Of course Kobato is clueless and responds with a "Thank you!" and walks away...XD
I love Kobato and thankfully she rejected him because he's too nice. Therefore, of course I didn't like him. I like the cold, mean guys like Fujimoto!


I couldn't stop laughing when I watched this scene. How did he get himself in such a big mess?
He gets put in a shooting range in a carnival game and everyone is trying to shoot at him but he keeps moving so they miss. But the only person to shoot him down is the little boy. XD


I shipped this from the very beginning right when they bumped into each other. The way Fujimoto secretly smiles at her is so sweet and makes me so happy. It's the look of bliss. Fujimoto was already falling for Kobato after about episode 4 or so. He was looking out for her health and safety. He started to care about her well-being and paid more attention. Kobato was a little slow on her feelings for him but knew that there was something special about him, and she knew deep down she had feelings for him. They have their sweet moments that make you go "AWE" and ones that make you cry...
SPOILER ALERT = If you haven't watched this anime yet, I recommend not watch the AMV I inserted here!


Yes, it sure does!
I love the Opening so much, it is so upbeat and gives you a sweet feeling.
The ending songs are a little too slow paced for me and forgettable but maybe not for others...I wasn't a fan of them.
My favorite song from the whole soundtrack has to be "Ashita Kuru Hi" which is the song Kobato usually sings throughout the show. Some people get annoyed from hearing her constantly singing it but I didn't it's a beautiful song and it's quite soothing to listen to. Also the piano version is really beautiful and sounds like a lullaby. I hum to it every time I listen to it!


This was one rollercoaster of emotions. I loved this anime sooooooo much. It's such a beautiful story about a girl who has a wish to go somewhere by making her wish come true she must gather broken hearts by healing others and making them happy. It has so comedy with a little romance thrown in there. It's a sweet romance that you rarely see in anime nowadays. This anime has beautiful animation with flowing characteristics and bright colors. The music speaks to you and it's like a lullaby that will make you cry like I did. This anime will make you cry over everything... I cried over a tree! DX
This is an amazing anime that is full of lively and adorable characters that will make you happy and sad. Inspiring people who will make you want to accomplish something with all your might! Kobato taught me so much. She taught me to love passionately and help others as best as you can.


9.5/10 - It was a sweet romance, I just wish we got to see more of the romance but that was the only thing lacking from this anime in my opinion. I recommend to the lovers of Romance, Fantasy and comedy because this one is a sweet treat!

Have you watched "Kobato", and did you like it?

@pirateking47 I don't know, I don't think many people now about it for some reason even though it's amazing and your welcome! @AnimeNerdie XD I know those twins look exactly like Chii and I was confused, but this anime had cameos from a few animes. For example, someone from Chrono Crusade. I didn't watch that but others pointed it out... Those twins are so sweet!
for some reason I thought this was chobits because of the twin girls in the background looks to similar to Chii and Freya
how have I not sewn this yet! I will be watching this soon. thank you!!!! @biancadanica98
haven't seen it to be truthful but u defntly gave me a new anime to watch lol
I haven't seen this one either but it seems like a good one that I'll definitely watch when I have the time
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