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I downloaded a new photo editing app and I am in love with it. It has so many cute filters and you can use for any picture you want. The app is called photo lab app and you can download it on Google play. I love it! just look what it did to Lee Jong Suk he's so dreamy. P.S. For those who don't see him, he is in the coffe cup inside a heart
LOL!!! I was like, dudette, u forgot the pic!!!! 😂😂 Cute!!
@KDSnKJH lol I was thinking of not putting the p.s. good thing I did ,you would of missed him 😂
I was looking for the arrow!!
I noticed right away it's a pic of Lee Jong Suk from Pinocchio! It's so cute!!!
That is so great! It looks like it would be fun to use!