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I decided to do this after I saw the card made by @KpopandKimchi even though you probably all know me already, I would like to give you all a better introduction of myself. Hi, My Name is Erin.

Kpop Life:

Well, to be quite honest, I used to hate K-pop. (Please don't be mad. I USED to hate it.) and it was only because The only song I ever heard was Gangnam Style, I didn't really hate the song, but I got so tired of hearing it everywhere, and I never really gave K-pop a chance. Well, One day, I came across a fine bros video that introduced K-pop to teenagers, and I heard a portion of "Catch me" by TVXQ so I watched the official music video, and I liked it, but I refused to admit it. Then a day after that, I found overdose by exo, it still took me a while to admit I liked it. Then when My eyes Landed on Kai, that's when I started getting more into Kpop.

Fun fact about me:

My Very first bias was Kai. then I got crazy about Exo. I was A Complete Exo-L and nothing else. So after a little while, Kpop started to fade on me. I went about 2 months with listening to a single Kpop song. Then one Day I went through my iPod and Found "Mama" by Exo in my Library, and all the good memories I had with Kpop started coming back to me. So I tried listening to other groups even though I only felt comfortable with Exo, I decided to give other groups a chance. I found "Monster" by BigBang, and I saw TOP! I could not get him off my mind after that. 😍😍😍 And That's my whole story of how I got into Kpop.

Normal Life:

I'm From the United States. I want to Move to South Korea, and be an English teacher. I've wanted to go to Korea since I was A young girl. A Young Handsome Korean guy Came to our Church and told us all about South Korea, and I've wanted to go ever since. People sometimes ask me if I'm going there because of K-pop. The answer is no. I Love the Culture. I also had a good Friend from South Korea, and he told me a lot about it. I've always loved learning Languages, I was Actually Learning Japanese for a little while, Korean is actually the only second language that has stuck with me for this long though.


I love Playing the piano, Drawing, Writing Music, Creating Stories, I Love to Create Things.


Top Biases: Yongguk, Ravi, Zico and Rap Monster.

Yongguk and Ravi are my ultimate biases, It used to be just me and Ravi...until mr. Bang Yongguk decided to walk in, and two others snuck in behind him. and now All of them fight for first place all the time,That's why I have this Username. It's a confusing issue, but Now I say "the more biases, the better." I mean, there's not a rule that says you can only have one Ultimate bias.

Second Biases: TOP and P.O.

What I mean by "second Bias" is that they are high up on my list, but they don't threaten my bias list.

Favorite Groups: B.A.P, Vixx, BlockB, BigBang, BTS, EXO, SHINEE and Super Junior.

For those who don't know me: it's Very Nice to meet you. πŸ€— and I hope we can get to know each other better. I swear, I don't bite. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–
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