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I'm currently texting my friend about that whole bts airport incident and she texted me saying that it was part of the struggle of being fans of the most popular kpop group. When I read that text I got (very) lowkey offended because Big Bang is my ultimate bias group and I refuse to believe that another boy group can be more popular than them. My friend's ultimate bias group is BTS, so we're both really biased lol. I was wondering which group you guys think is the most popular boy group.
I think it really depends on where you're at...I mean, they're all pretty famous in their own ways and in different areas. Also, I think the matter of who is currently active right now is a big thing. And, haha, I understand how you feel because I also talk to someone whose UB is BTS. My UB is Super Junior and it's quite a struggle since we're a bit inactive and people tend to call both of our UBs old (>.<) (But don't worry, our UBs will forever remain as legends along with TVXQ, JYJ, and 2ne1 ^^) Overall, I think as long as KPOP is popular, I'm happy.
I say both! I think Big Bang's fans are just older and more wise unlike the next generation fans which are teens...so Big Bang is always gonna be popular the fans just aren't going to be that extra with the shenanigans current idols go through
@JustinaNguyen Oh no, don't worry, I completely understand. Deep down, I don't truly accept it either, but we just got to go with the flow...it all really depends on activeness these days. But as long as we know they'll forever be legends... ;) Haha, they're old looking children...though not even then, cause Leeteuk doesn't look a day older and I don't understand how he does it (>.<)
@GamerKyumin Honestly, I think the fact that people call big bang "legends" and "the kings" makes it harder for me to accept that not everyone shares my views on this topic. Suju was actually one of my first groups too and whenever someone says that they're old I get a bit offended even though I know it's true. But yeah, they'll both forever be known as kpop legends.
@MariRu @candymonster30 That's what I think too. My friend and I decided to just say that big bang are the kings and bts are the most popular group currently
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