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After watching She Was Pretty over the weekend I searched up one of the support characters in the drama. To my surprise, she was also the supporting actress for Can You Hear My Heart starring along side the same lead actress. Her new short hair really made a huge difference of her character. She appeared brighter and lively than her old character. So, I came to conclusion that some celebrities just looks better with short hair.

Go Joon-Hee

Supporting actress in She Was Pretty and Can You Hear My Heart.

Hwang Jung-Eum

Leading actress for She Was Pretty, Kill Me, Heal Me, Endless Love.

Ham Eun-Jung

Member of girl group, T-Ara. She also notable for roles in Dream High and Coffee House.


Member of girl group, Twice.


Member of girl group, SNSD. She also took leading roles in Dating Agency: Cyrano, The Spring Day of My Life.

This is just a short list! Let me know if you think any other celebrities looks better with short hair.

IDK what they got in the water over in Korea but their women is BEAUTIFUL and its like their skin doesn't age.. bag some of whatever it is y'all use and send me some lol
@cindystran your probably right. I just like their simplicity. Thank you. they doo look stunning with short hair too. yes completely unique. 😉☺
@Tigerlily84 I'll look it up!😀
@jazziejazz I don't disagree but the thing is though they look like every other Korean celebrity with long hair. I personally think short hair gave them more character and poise.
@cindystran oh ok. Well it's really pretty
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