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starting with the currant arc (spoilers ahead so ya better get ur ducks ready) where to start anyone have any idea why don't we start with sting getting bitch slapped by Yukino after the saber tooth and blue Pegasus smack down at the hands of bradman and who ever was also there I really dgaf about who the other one was but any way saber tooth and blue Pegasus beaten by two people fairy tail arrives and decides to Fuck shit up by beating the two while GAJEEL GAJEEL GAJEEL DIES DIES DIES DIES DIES so if y'all aren't currently up to date with the currant arc the get ur shit together and read the fuckin
sorry if this makes no sense I'm going through a hard time with my gf about her getting raped so depending on how it goes this may be the last time I'm ever on vingle
@AimeBolanos I was told not to post spoilers on anyone's else card but I could post spoilers on my cards
Ik you are going through a rough time but doing this card after literally being asked nicely to not post spoilers yet you still didnt use a spoiler pic and you were very harsh in the way ypu mentioned Gajeel's death.. Im your friend @ZacharyStewart... im here for you.. you dont have to do things like this so please