2 years ago1,000+ Views just really tired of mylife. i think i may possibly disappear for a month or so. no phone no internet no family no friends. just me to clear my head. ususally i dont let the little things bother me but they just are right know. sorry for the rant.
Come back soon! when you are feeling better!! β™‘ I also need a break πŸ˜₯
ill try and come back asap....but thanks for your concern i'll be fine. 😊. honestly their is alot i have to ger off my chest. and thatsthe other thing im not open with myself so no one knws much about me. not even my family. @hikaymm @AshChrimson @ZephyrBlaze @ChrisStephens
Sorry to hear this :( :( I get just wanting to get offline & being with yourself for a while, though, I do that as well sometimes. I hope it won't last for long & that you'll be feeling better soon!! I'm around to chat :D
it can be a u thing, but advise from others is always nice
@DevilsSon if u wanna talk to someone im here. i been there. i am there rn. so till be great if u wanna keep in touch
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