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I'll be honest and say that I've been into spoilers for most of my life. I was the kid who read the last chapter of the book before reading the rest of it. Living in California, we'd always find out who won American Idol three hours behind everyone else, so you can bet I was scourging the net to find out what happened. I can't help it! I have no patience!

How about you guys? Do you purposely spoil things for yourself, or do you avoid spoilers like the plague?

I hate them it kills the show,book or anime I'm watching I can't watch death note cuz my cuz told me how it ended when I was on season 1 I'm still questing if I should ever go bk and try again after I forget the ending
@AnimeLove300 I know how you feel I was watching young justice and I feel in love with wally west cuz he is like a guy me and my friend said he dies and I didn't believe him so I looked it up so now I'm scared to watch my loved one die
@danidee I don't know I never looked
I hate them! It's funner for me to try to guess the ending of whatever! I like the anticipation!
tch damn spoilers
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