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I'll be honest and say that I've been into spoilers for most of my life. I was the kid who read the last chapter of the book before reading the rest of it. Living in California, we'd always find out who won American Idol three hours behind everyone else, so you can bet I was scourging the net to find out what happened. I can't help it! I have no patience!

How about you guys? Do you purposely spoil things for yourself, or do you avoid spoilers like the plague?

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@AnimeLove300 I know how you feel I was watching young justice and I feel in love with wally west cuz he is like a guy me and my friend said he dies and I didn't believe him so I looked it up so now I'm scared to watch my loved one die
@AnimeLove300 hope you are talking about past when Ace died... Otherwise you are spoiling something for me. @OP yeah I always get curious about what's next gonna happen. In case of movies with only one part I can keep patience but in case of multi part movies or shows like game of thrones or anime I start searching the Internet for what's gonna happen or something.
@AnubhavSharma I didn't mention a name cuz there might have been someone else who didn't know, but yea I was talking about Ace 😢😢😢
Sorry I missed last 5 episode so I was afraid about what you said... So just went on with the name to clarify
usually i avoid spoiler situations like the plague....buuuut....it just so happens when im talking to somebody about a series they watching (and im ahead of them of course) i get a serious urge to just come outright and warn them ahead of time. lol. i never do it without their permission though. usually i keep it vague like "don't trust _____" or something like that