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some of my personal favorite minimalist movie posters!
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@leecatlee I have not seen both. So sad. Hope to soon. : )
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The "UP" poster is very cool. @oj1992 @leecatlee The hollywood version was first thought to use Will Smith but they canceled it. Spike Lee is apparently thinking of producing & directing. I think Brad Pitt would be decent to play the role. He's quite good with crazy roles~
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@paullim i like the "UP" one as well! also yeah you're right, spike lee directed the new one, but it's josh brolin who plays the main character... i'll leave the link for the trailer here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z02k8Zac-so
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I want that 500 days of summer poster.
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same, i want all of these
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