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The Piano Teacher

Ch. 7
The next morning, Y/N is bursting with energy and she is extremely happy so much so that she’s glowing. She can’t stop thinking about Yoongi and how they ended the night.
After Yoongi finished the song, he turns to Y/N, who was smiling and tears running down her face. Yoongi gets up quickly from the piano bench and kneels in front of her. Wiping her tears away with his hands.
“Are you okay Y/N?” Yoongi asks. All Y/N could do was nod her head in reply. She wasn’t crying because she was sad, she was extremely happy. She didn’t realize how much she missed him and her grandmother. Y/N was actually full of emotions.
Yoongi moves in closer and gives her a passionate kiss on the lips. Y/N is surprised by his actions at first, but as she feels his soft wet lips against hers she melts into it allowing him access into her mouth with his tongue. They have a small make out session full of passionate kissing. If Y/N’s phone didn’t ring who knows how far she would have gone with Yoongi.
*End Flashback*
She was surprised to know he’s such a good kisser, she can still feel his lips on hers, she’s reminded of that moment often and touches her lips every time. She was interrupted by her thoughts when she hears her phone ringing. Y/N looks at the caller ID.
“Hello mother, yes I’m still coming unless the plans have changed and you and father can’t make it?” Y/N tried not to sound hopeful that the plans had changed, she wanted to see Yoongi again anyway.
“Hello honey, and no plans are still on. I was just calling to confirm that you would be coming.” Y/N lets out a sigh and a frown creeps across her face.
“Yup. I’ll be there, no worries.” I reply.
“Good, don’t forget and old friend will be with us so look your best. Okay.” My mother explains before she hangs up, before I could ask her about this so called “old friend.”
“Hey Y/N, what are you doing today?” end text. I receive a text from Yoongi. Oh how I wanted the plans to have changed, I don’t want to go to Seoul.
“Just got finished talking to my mother, I have to go to dinner with my parents in Seoul.” I texted back. Yoongi replies with a sad face emoji. I smile to myself. “You have no idea.” I say to myself.
“Could you come with me?” I text him back. I wait for a response. I look at the text, “Crap, I meant to put I wish in front of that.” My phone buzzes, and it’s a reply from him.
“Do you want me to come with you?” he asks. My mouth drops open; I’m going to hyper ventilate. My fingers are shaking as I type back. “Yes please come with me.” I wait anxiously for his reply.
“Okay, I’ll be over around 3 o’clock, we can take the 3:30 train.” When Yoongi replied with that last text I was screaming like a little girl I was so happy he was coming with me. Then I thought “God, I hope my parents don’t embarrass me.”
Yoongi shows up at my house and we head to the train station.
“Thank you for coming with me, I kinda don’t want to be alone with my parents, they tend to nag me.” I explain as we have settled into our seats on the train. Yoongi just nods his head. We talk throughout the trip, but about half way there I find myself dozing off. Yoongi smiles and makes sure I’m comfortable by placing my head on his shoulder. He then lays his head on mine.
We finally get to Seoul. “Hey Y/N, we’re here. Time to wake up.” Yoongi brushes his hand across my cheek.
“Mm, just five more minutes.” I reply, Yoongi smiles, and leans over and kisses me sweetly. I don’t want him to stop as I wake up and start kissing him back. He quickly pulls away. Laughing at himself.
“We need to get going.” He says as he leans my head carefully up, I stretch and nod my head in response. Yoongi holds out his hand for me. I place my hand in his and we get off the train. We reach the restaurant where my parents are.
“Hello mother, dad. This is my friend from childhood Min Yoongi.” I introduce him to my parents. I can see my mother judging him already, my father is oblivious. In my house my mother calls the shots, and father just goes along with it. My parents give me a hug, and shake Yoongi’s hand, we sit down at the table, I notice my mother keeps looking at the entrance.
“Waiting for someone?” I ask her. She looks at me, shaking her head. That’s when she takes one last look and smiles, waving someone over to our table, I thought she had found a waiter. I turn my head to see who she was waving to. My eyes grow wide and my hand squeezes Yoongi’s tightly, that it makes him grab it and he looks in the direction I am to see what’s got me so tense.
“Why is Jimin here!” I said to myself. “Excuse me mother, why is Jimin here?” I ask her.
She looks at me; “this is your old friend I was speaking of.” Thankfully there was a bottle of wine and I filled up my glass and took it all in one shot. Yoongi watching my reaction knew something wasn’t right so he leans into me and whispering in my ear.
“Hey, don’t forget I’m here with you, and I won’t leave you alone.” I turn to face him and see him smiling and winking at me. I smile as best I could.
“Hello Y/N, it’s so nice to see you again.” Jimin finally made it to our table and takes my left hand and places a kiss on the top of it. I quickly remove it from his grasp and gave a fake smile. Jimin sits down next to me.
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