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Hello was tagged by @kpopandkimchi. So what has got me into kpop was none other then younger sister. she always played DBSK's songs and Suju also. she 1st got into kpop from Big Bang. and from there i grew to love kpop instead of regular English music. it dont sound the same anymore. i still listen to some. but not much anymore. i am a multi fandom fan. i love many groups. so much so ok hey i go and list. TVXQ/DBSK, Suju, Big Bang, SS501, Be2st, BTS, Got7, 2pm, Boyfriend, MBLAQ, History, EXO, Shinee, B.A.P, Winner, Ikon, SNSD, 2ne1, Secret, Dalshebert [?], Monsta X, Sistar, 4Minute, Infinite, B1A4, Ft Island, Cn Blue, Day6, Seven7, Seventeen, Ne'uest, BTOB, Apink, Vixx. i know many more groups that i should list but having a huge brain fart lol. help. ok
Well now about me. i am 31 uears old... ... I live in Hawaii ... i live woth my dad and younger sister. i dont have my license yet working on getting that possibly this year or early next year. bit i live on an island where we have a pretty good bus system so i never really wanted to drive. and cars and gas here are ... i want to go get a license to become an Esthetician. and to do make up. i found out that is something i really like. although not sure about the waxing part. lol. i have been to Tennessee, California, Vegas, Tahoe, Canada, Alaska, Washington [state] & Japan. i dream is to move to Japan. And to have a family. hahaha but at this rate i think i will be single for a while lol. but oh well. but i am happy just taking care of my sisters and nephews and niece. i am an animal lover. we have 3 dogs. a pom-chi [sisters] his name is Kitsune. my dog pitbull mix his name is Diesel and dads dog is a Rot. her name is Mochizuki. we also have two birds. and two Chinchillas. i would also love to own a tiger one day. or at least adopt one and help take care of it. i use to and still kind of dance hula. my younger sister still dances. she is going to Europe in few months. she has traveled a lot due to her dancing for so long. as for me i can not. i get stage fright. and i get so nervous. even though my parents arent together i love them both. i love my crazy and strange family. as stitch say ohana means family. lol. yeah i love Disney movies. i am a big Tinkerbell lover. i have lots of Keychains of her that i have collected. well i think i talked a bit much. but yeah.
just to add more pics
@MonAnnahiX awe thanks. yeah i want to travel more tho. but from here its like an arm and a leg lol. but yes Hawaii is a good place to visit and chillaxe.
It was nice reading and learning a bit about yourself ^^ btw dam! some day I want to travel as much as you have and Hawaii is one on my list lol