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10 (Illustrated) Things We Can All Agree Are REALLY Annoying

While everyone seems to have their very own pet peeves, there are some things that we can all agree get on our nerves.

European design site BoredPanda illustrated an adorable list of different situations that universally annoy us. Do you let these tick you off too?

#1: Nothing's worse than patiently waiting for absolutely nothing.

#2: This happens to me almost daily. Motor mouths, unite.

#3: Snacks, check. Drink, check. Movie, check. Bathroom? Damn.

#4: Mastering the cheese to mac ratio is a serious kitchen skill.

#5: Whenever this happens at work, I want to throw my laptop.

#6: It's always the worst when it's toilet paper.

#7: Why do people still play Farmville? What year is this, guys?

#8: Those damn towel goblins must've snuck into the bathroom.


#10: Keep it cool, stalker. Keep it cool.

So what gets on your nerves? Is it something listed here or something else entirely?

Let me know in the comments below!
selective memory is what bugs me. You know you said what you said when you said it, yet you stand here and swear you didn't say it. think I need to start recording convos.
when all these things happen to you and then you stub your pinky toe!!!
recharge your phone and realise it's not turn on, like after 5 hrs, just before you r about to go out.... And when you r telling a story then realise no one is listening! This happens with my family a lot! They get mad when I don't listen but it doesn't matter when they don't listen? So double standard
it really annoys me when people put the tv or music really loud and they just think everybody wants to hear
when it's fifty below out and I'm getting passed by all the nice warm cars, them I get to work and someone says "I saw you walking on my drive in"....really??? reallly!!!?????
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