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Man! This suspense is killing me -_- I can't wait for the next episodes!!

My New Drama Addiction Struggle!!

I really like Minah's character as Kong Shim, but I have to say I dislike her sister so much and so many other people that try taking advantage of her! Anyways, I don't want to spoil it for some, so if you like Romance Comedies or have sisters, this is a great drama to watch that is currently still airing.

"Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim" ♡

Tagging My Kdrama Geek List... Oh Wait... I don't have one -_- Lol

Sorry, I know that was lame...
By the way, I wonder if they borrowed TOP's wigs to film this?? Hahaha
Well I pick T.O.P
@MonAnnahiX my feelings exactly
@VeronicaArtino I don't have a kdrama list. I was just joking about that 😅 UGH! I definitely dislike her sister. Can she just stay with both guys??? But yeah this drama is so good so far.
add me to your lists and omg this show has me busting my gut all the time and I def don't like her sister she doesn't even act like a sister
I love this drama!!!
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