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Anime vs Cartoons

You may say that Cartoons are better than Anime and I respect your opinions... But on the inside I will be dying...
@OtakuDemon10 I dunno other people seem to really like arguing over this stuff but it seems like a silly thing to do in my personal opinion :3 if everyone wants to watch anime that's fine to me just means I'll be the one fan demanding new seasons of Rick and Morty, Gravity falls, and Adventure time whilst they bring back canceled shows I enjoyed as a boy like Invader Zim or Danny Phantom :D
@OtakuDemon10 I guess there's no wrong answer right :D so let's all just enjoy everything together :D
@TheRedWolf35 @ZephyrBlaze I think both are actually usually considered to be "americanime," American cartoons inspired by or done in the style of anime
I like to eat the steak that is anime but enjoy the baked potato that is cartoons :) that's how I feel about the two
But teen titans was awesome and what about avatar the last air bender? some cartoons define a generation while others are just fun and cool Gravity falls, and Rick and Morty to name two.
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