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From friends to girlfriends to husbands, we all have people in our lives outside of our fandom of choice.

With these things that we love taking up so much of our time, how does being involved in fandom affect how you interact with others?

Maybe your boyfriend doesn't like your HUGE crush on that Kpop idol, or your wife doesn't get why you are "obsessed" with that "anime chick."

Maybe your friends make fun of you for being WAAAAAY into that one TV show...

Do you think fandom affects your relationships? How?

Does it make it harder or do you find out who your REAL friends are?

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Sometimes. Mostly when I'm watching a show that's really good and I start talking about it with friends that don't watch Kdramas. They are so not interested. 😬
Yes, I greatly believe for my own personal reasons.
Everybody thinks I'm weird for having an interest in Korean culture period. But they don't judge me when I eat sushi and watch dragon ball z though
For me..Hmm I think Anime Or Manga gets ones Expectations quite high when it comes to their relationship..Think about In some animes like HSOHC Tamaki risk jumps off a cliff,Kauro Runs around in the rain looking for Haruhi and comforts her when he finds her...There's alot of things for me personally that im Like "Agg Why Why Cant you be Loke!!" (Dont judge..) But In all's case I still love my Boyfriend so even if Im in a fandom eh..Many fandoms with some charactors... He's still gonna be the one for me..Even if he isnt as romantic as Tamaki...
I don't think it should affect your relationships, only in a joking way. That's how my friends are and such with my fandoms but nobody is rude about it.