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Does Being in Fandom Affect Your Relationships?

From friends to girlfriends to husbands, we all have people in our lives outside of our fandom of choice.

With these things that we love taking up so much of our time, how does being involved in fandom affect how you interact with others?

Maybe your boyfriend doesn't like your HUGE crush on that Kpop idol, or your wife doesn't get why you are "obsessed" with that "anime chick."

Maybe your friends make fun of you for being WAAAAAY into that one TV show...

Do you think fandom affects your relationships? How?

Does it make it harder or do you find out who your REAL friends are?

Hell yes my standards have gone up so high...I'm Jk I'm still cool with anybody as long add they treat me right
I probably be single for a while but anyone needs to just accept my Korean loving self if they cant tough on them 😉✌
So, there were some people who I was acquainted with whom I discovered were actually closet fans. They certainly do not look like people who play the Pokemon card game or watch copious amounts of anime and draw manga. But looks can be deceiving! By chance we discovered each other, and now we have scheduled anime days and Friday night Pokemon card game tournaments. So for me, being in a fandom has been sociable. My family finds it interesting that I watch Asian dramas (K-Drama, J-Drama, C-Drama, all great), and have even picked up a few Korean words. I know my family doesn't particularly care for K-Pop, so I don't play it when they are around (I don't really care for my brothers love of 70s and 80s Rock, but it is starting to grow on me, teehee). There are some friends who do not have the same preference of television and music as I do, but there are plenty of other subjects that we can be interested in. Being in a fandom has not really effected me in my relationships. Perhaps it is because I know which of my friends like what things and we just talk about that instead. 😊
haha...what relationship? I'm alone
my husband and friends just see it as another of my crazy obsessions. being a scifi geek too they are used to it.
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