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It's still Wednesday west of my time zone so I'm kinda on time lol... Mini imagines won, 7 to 5. enjoy!!
Imagine Ravi looking at you like this when he thinks you don't know, and catching him doing it.
Imagine Leo coming back from military service just to tell you that you're all he thought about, and pulling a ring out of his pocket.
Imagine being friends with all of them and getting pre show Snapchats telling you their performance will be for you.
Imagine coming home late from work, finding that Hyuk had been waiting for you on your steps all evening just to tell you he loved you.
Imagine being on a yacht with just you and Ken, on a sunny warm day, no one else in sight. Just you, him, the fishes, and the birds.
Imagine Leo waking up before you, buying you coffee, and waiting patiently so he can have a cup with you.
Imagine Ravi as your prom date, coming to pick you up and looking at you with hungry eyes as you come out to meet him in your beautiful gown.
imagine going on a tour of Seoul with Leo and every time you want to film the sights, he's always filming you instead, saying "you're the most beautiful sight"
Imagine getting into a fight with Hongbin, and suggesting you take some time apart, and he pleads with you to stay by his side because he can't live without you.
Imagine breaking Leo's heart, so he came to give you a final farewell with his squad. (oh no sad!!)
hope you enjoyed!! Share some of your imagines with me on these pictures! I wanna see what ya'll come up with!
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Look how comfortable the baby relaxed in Leo's chest!!!
These were great!💗
Kyaaa the ones of Leo and Hongbin💖💖
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