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Hello Hello hello!!! How have my loverly readers been doing?
Well first I would like to say sorry for taking so long to post anything... especially with my Nanajin romance..... but I have been working on something for KpopINT. What is it you ask? Well a new story that will be featured through the KpopINT vingle as well as through our web page and social media accounts...
BUT!!! TO make up for having been taking too long to post I have pulled this little treasure out my folders and decided to share it with you.
I hope you enjoy it!!!
“Will you be my girlfriend?” Your heart leapt from your chest as he smiled at you brightly the rose in his hand held out for you to take.
You looked from his smiling face to that of the other boys watching you expectantly before taking the rose in response. A giggle left your lips as you watching Hoseok jump up shouting in happiness before grabbing you to swing around in a big circle.
“Okay Hobi Okay.” You laughed breathlessly as he finally dropped you down to the ground and leaned in to plant a sweet peck on your lips.
“My Jagi… all mine.” He nuzzled his head against your neck and you laughed as you heard the chorus of ‘get a room’… ‘he has already started’…. And ‘Yah! We are in public’.
The smile that crossed your lips was priceless to him. Hoseok loved nothing more than to see you happy, and he made a silent promise to make sure you would never lose that smile on his watch.

100 Days

The restaurant was more crowded than either of you had ever imagined it would be, but not being able to go to the place he wanted wasn’t enough to damper Hoseok’s spirit. He simply grabbed your hand and playfully tugged you down to a night market.
Now you had to admit this was not your idea of a romantic 100-day date, but it was exactly what you would expect from your wonderful larger than life boyfriend. You laughed and followed him as he moved from stall to stall looking at all the merchants had to offer. You both spent hours playing and your slightly down cast mood was quickly forgotten as it was filled with endless bouts of laughter and kisses.
“Say Ah!” Hoseok loved nothing more than to make sure you were always eating something. No matter how much you had tried to complain that you were on a diet he would tell you that you were perfect the way you are and if you wanted to he would be happy to help you work off the calories later with a late night dance practice.
You opened your mouth and he wasted no time shoving the chocolate candy passed your lips as he smiled triumphantly. “You just want to make me fat.” You complain.
“Yes, that way you can never leave me.” You laughed and playfully slapped at his chest, to which he dramatically threw his hand over the spot and looked at you in surprise. “Jagi! You are abusive!”
You gasped and lunged forward to cover his mouth as he smiled. “Watch out your fans might hear you say that and then try to kill me.” You laughed and shook your head as you removed your hand.
“Look around,” He gestured round the market at the people busily walking about. “None of them even know who I am. We still don’t have that kind of fame Jagi.”
“Just wait Hobi, you guys will become so popular you will never have time for me.” You pouted out your lip and gave him puppy dog eyes.
“Oh no! I would never not have time for my Jagi!” Hoseok pulled you into a large hug as he kissed the top of your head. “Because Jagi is my best fan.” He pulled back only long enough to pull a small ring box from his pocket. “Couple rings for my one and only.” He smiled as he slipped the ring on your finger.

1 Year

You swirled the wine in your glass around, watching it as if it was the most interesting thing in your apartment. The clock on your mantle chimed 11:00PM and you sighed heavily. He had technically text you hours ago saying he would be late, but he had promised he would still make it before the dinner you had made for him had gotten cold. That had long since happened and you were currently flirting with the thought of just cleaning up and heading to bed.
You loved your boyfriend, he was sweet and kind and knew how to make anyone laugh, but he was now a popular idol. It hadn’t taken much time for BTS to rise to fame and you couldn’t have been happier for them, but at the same time you missed having your Hobi around.
The time apart had started off small, but now he was always practicing a dance, or working on his rap with the boys. That wasn’t the part that bothered you though. His agency had asked him to keep quiet about your relationship until they felt it wouldn’t kill the groups new found popularity, and you had agreed because you didn’t want to cause any problems for him. When you had said yes to the secret though, you hadn’t realized that meant he wouldn’t be able to see you often. He now had to make sure no crazy fans followed him to your apartment and found out about your love life. You had also realized too late that this meant you could not be seen in public together. No more movies, no eating out, going to the carnival, or even going back to that night market you both had once visited frequently.
You sighed as you stood up to blow out the candle. You couldn’t go to his dorm, he could barely come to your apartment, and neither of you could be seen in public. What kind of relationship had you gotten yourself into? You loved Hoseok, and that is why you still put up with the loneliness. Just the thought that it wouldn’t always be this bad was enough to keep you going.
You pulled out your sweatpants and tank top, discarding the pretty girlie dress you had put on just for him, and pulled your hair back into a sloppy bun. Now that you were changed you could move on to cleaning.
The food put away and the dishes cleaned, you turned to make sure the door was locked up, only to jump out of your skin when a loud knock sounded from the wood. You curiously opened the door slowly only to be met by a bouquet of your favorite flowers and an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry Jagi, they just wouldn’t let me go.”
You smiled and moved to let him in. “I know Hobi.” He didn’t waste any time putting the flowers on the table and pulling you into a large hug.
“Just wait Jagi, the moment I am able too I will tell the whole world you are mine and we won’t have to tip toe around anymore.” You were met with soft gentle kisses as he held on to you like his life depended on your staying strong until then.

2 Years

“Yes! They said we can move into an apartment right down the street from the company.” Hoseok’s face lit up as he started to describe the apartment he had talked to company into letting him get.
You had both been dating for two years and it had been a while since the company had agreed to let you go public with your relationship. Of course fans were upset, and they didn’t like you because you were not a big star like your boyfriend, but over time the amp had died down and now you were looking to move in together.
“I love it already.” You smiled brightly at him. Having made it through the hardest part of your relationship was enough to make you giddy. No more would you have to wait weeks to see him, no more would he have to sneak over to your apartment so fans wouldn’t know where his girlfriend lived, no more living without him. What else could you ask for?
“We can go look at it after we get you packed.”
You laughed at his enthusiasm and kissed him lightly on the cheek. “What if we don’t like the apartment Hobi?” You asked innocently.
“We will love it!” He stated matter-of-factly.
“Oh?” You laughed.
“Yes, because it will be the home for Jagi and I. We will be together all of the time. Nothing can get between us anymore. So I don’t care what it looks like.”
“Okay, what could go wrong.” You nodded as you watched him head for the kitchen.
“We should pack this first!” With a smile that even his fans couldn’t help but adore he, almost childlike, started to just pull things from all of the cabinets and put them on the counters.

3 Years

The blue screen of your phone lit up your face as you both waited in silence for your dinner to arrive. You were finding the headlines about Hoseok dating another woman, were plastered all over every single one of your social media accounts. That is essentially why he had said you should go to the restaurant. He had chosen one of the most popular places so that people would see the both of you together.
“I’m sorry Jagi. I don’t know why they are making stuff up like this.” His eyes pleaded with you to understand but you just sighed.
“You know how ruthless they are so why would you do something like that?” You knew he wouldn’t cheat on you, but the media always loved to make up a scandal, and the fact that he knew full well he should not have even playfully kissed that woman on her cheek…. he had still done it. You remembered when he had refused to even meet with you in person because a camera might see, but now here he was kissing some random model on the cheek and not understanding why everyone was making a big deal of it.
BTS had become bigger than any of you had ever imagined, and at some points you wondered if you even knew your boyfriend anymore. You would watch broadcasts and realize either you didn’t know him at all…. Or he was lying to the world. Nothing he said to you in person ever matched up to what he would say in an interview. Was he pulling away from you? Did he not want to be with you anymore? The thought nagged at the back of your mind like a five-year-old dying for attention.
“I know Jagi, I was wrong. I am sorry.” He reached over and pulled your phone out of your hands. “This will get settled and I will be more careful. Okay?” He eyed you like a piece of glass that might shatter any moment.
“Okay.” You breathed softly as the waitress arrived with your food.

4 Years

312 days had passed since you had last gone out on a date with Hoseok. The media had given up on his cheating scandal and life had gone back to the way it once was…. Well not really. Hoseok was never home. He was always working at the studio, out at social events for the company, away for concerts, or just blatantly ignoring your presence.
You can’t say you had been any better. At some point you had stopped taking him lunches at work, you no longer waited for him to come home from work before heading to bed, you had even stopped sending him sweet nothing texts just to let him know you were thinking about him.
Neither of you wanted to admit it, but the truth was clear. Your relationship was dying. Like fall leaves change bright colors just before falling off dead to welcome the bitter cold winter, your relationship had moved passed its colorful faze and you watched as the last few red and orange leaves drifted to the snow covered ground.
To the outside world you and Hobi had the most amazing and perfect relationship, but behind the scene your relationship was…. Well it was nothing. The passion seemed to have died and he didn’t even try to make you smile anymore.
“We will be back in four months after the world concert. I have plans for us then okay Jagi?” Hoseok smiled at you slightly after leaving a soft kiss on your lips. He turned and pulled his suitcase to the door behind him. “I love you Jagi.” You smiled at him halfheartedly and nodded.
“See you in five months.” But he didn’t even hear your response as he walked out the door his ringing phone taking over his ear.
“I think she is pulling away from me hyung.” Hoseok looked up at Jin and shook his head. “She hasn’t responded to hardly half of my texts since we left four months ago and before that she was still distancing herself away from me.”
“Have you tried talking to her about it?” Jin looked down at the younger member with sympathy.
“I have tired, but she just says we are okay.”
Jin nodded. “Maybe she just doesn’t want to tell you that she doesn’t like how much you have been working lately. When we get back take a week off and spend time with her. I mean really spend time with her Hoseok.”
The man nodded and smiled. “I think she would really like that.”
“Please fasten your seatbelts we will be descending shortly.” The voice rang through the speakers and all of the boys stopped to buckle up.
Amazing, simply amazing. You couldn’t remember the last time you had felt so good. You fell into his arms and rubbed soft circles around his bare chest with your fingertips. It had been far too long since your body had been touched like that, too long since you had had someone hold you like you were the most precious thing in the world, too long since you had heard the words ‘I love you.’ Whispered in your ear. This is what you had longed for. What you had really wanted from Hoseok all along.
Arms snaked around you pinning you closer to his body as he left a soft kiss on the top of your head. “I have to go to work love.”
You groaned and pouted up at him. “Already?”
A deep laugh resonated from his chest as he smiled at you. “Yes already, but first.” He pulled you to him for a mind blowing kiss. If you would have been standing you would have bet your legs would have let you fall. You ran your hands though his hair and deepened the kiss wanting for another go around before he had to leave you to your lonely bubble again.
He pulled back and brushed your hair out of your face. “Okay, you can go, but you have to call me as soon as you are done okay?” The man nodded and kissed you once again.
“Y/N?” The sound of his voice captured your attention and your head flew around to let your eyes settle on the one man you had not expected to walk into your bedroom.
“Hobi?” His name came from your lips as only a whisper and you instantly covered your swollen lips. The man next to you took the chance to pull away and silently gather his things before pushing passed the still shocked Hoseok. “You’re home?”
The words seemed to have finally broken his trance and his face fell into a look of anger and hurt. “Who the hell was that Y/N?” His voice was still low but you knew he would soon start yelling. “Who was that man in MY bed, with MY fiancé, in MY house?”
You cringed at every word. The first thing going through your mind was why he was home so early. Didn’t he say five months? It had only been four, why didn’t he tell you that he was coming home early. “It’s not what it looks like Hobi.” You knew the words were a lie the moment they left your mouth, but you found yourself saying them without reason.
“SO I did not just walk in on you after you had sex in my bed with another man?” Hoseok’s voice grew louder and you watched as tears threatened to spill from his eyes. “Why would you do that to me?” The look of hurt on his face was enough to make you feel like you could die. You watched as he stepped closer into the room his hand absently moving to run repeatedly through his now tasseled hair.
You felt the sting of tears in your eyes. You loved Hobi but he wasn’t there for you anymore, and when he wasn’t there to make you feel loved, you had started searching elsewhere, but there was no way you could tell him that. “I’m sorry.” Your eyes fell down as the first tears started to spill down his cheeks.
“How long? How long have you been sleeping around behind my back Y/N?” His voice was barely a whisper.
Your heart stopped. You could have answered any question but that was one you wished he would have not asked. “Around four months.” You said so softly he had leaned in, in an attempt to hear you.
Hoseok nodded his head silently and rubbed at his face. The look of distress lining his features broke your heart, but you couldn’t continue to live like this. You may still love Hobi but there was no way you could sit around while he was never there. You were tired of being lonely, tired of having to schedule a date with your TV just to get to see him. You were tired of having to smile to the paparazzi even though inside all you ever did was cry. “I can’t do this.” The words rolled off of your tongue thickly like they had taken your heart and soul with them.
“What?” Hobi looked up at you half in shock and half disgusted. “You can’t do it anymore? Shouldn’t I be the one saying that?” Just like that his anger had returned and he stared at you like you had lost your mind. “No Y/N. I can’t do this anymore.” You watched as he pulled something out his pocket and threw it at the bed by your feet.
The little black box sat adorned in its velvety cover just staring at you. “Hobi?” You looked up at him from the box a look of horror on your face. “You were going to….”
You didn’t even get to finish the sentence when Hoseok spat at you vehemently “I was going to ask you to be my wife. I was going to tell you I was taking off the next couple months so we could spend time together… I was going to ask you to be mine forever, but apparently you have already made your choice perfectly clear.” You watched in silence as Hoseok made his way back to the door and disappeared shutting it with such gentleness it made your conscious that much more concerned.
You had broken the happiest man you knew. You had given up a bright future and many smiles because you didn’t have any patience. You had lost Hobi and because of you….
Hobi had lost his smile
Well I hope you all enjoyed that. As always thank you for taking time out of your schedule to read my little story.
Please let me know if you would like to be tagged or removed.
I also hop you are looking forward to the next part in Diamons and Monster.
Until Next Time
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