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( T o T ) RIP Armin Arlert. My heart hurts for you right now! You shouldn't have died in such a way...YOU SHOULDN'T OF DIED AT ALL!
Psssst...would you mind adding a line or two of text above the first sentence of your card? I know you say Spoiler in the title (thank you!!) but the first line shows up in the feed so I got spoiled just skimming my feed lol XD @OtakuBell I don't mine spoilers personally but I know a lot of people do!! :D
@OtakuBell It's okay haha!!! Yeah it is. Are you on your phone? Just open this card and then click "EDIT" in the top right hand corner ^^ Thank you <3
@hikaymm oh yea! i have no problem with that at all! i didnt know (: @zephyrblaze he died in a tragic way but it was to help with killing something and they couldnt have without him.
Smol bean baby should be gliding to the ocean as a ghost right now....
@hikaymm is it possible to edit it now even though i already posted it?
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