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When you asked to drink stinky stuffs!!!
it look awful!!!
Smell like leftover!!!
taste so bad!
Hold your breath...
enjoy and looking adorable!!!! just like GD!!! He look so cute doing this♡♡♡♡
what is he ever drinking here?
I do the same if I have to drink something gross lol. hold nose and drink it fast.
@LemonLassie some kind of drink made with durian fruit.... stink smell... I can't even eat it...😫😫😫😫
@lovetop never heard of that fruit before... but sound eewwyyy. I'll follow GD example. hold the nose please and swallow
@LemonLassie if you Google will know what it look like, I personally can't stand the look and smell to it...I never had a gut to try it out.