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Last month, Barack Obama became the first US president to visit Hiroshima in the decades after the bombing of WWII.

While the United States has yet to formally apologize for the devastating attack, the gesture has not gone unnoticed by locals - with one restaurant honoring the president with their very own Obama Bowl.

En-ya, a restaurant popular for its Korean barbecue, has begun selling an 'Obama Bowl' dinner special for 880 yen (~$8 USD).

So what makes the Obama Bowl an Obama Bowl?

Well, a standard Obama Bowl features:

- Medium-rare slices of American imported roast beef (seasoned with salt from Obama's home state of Hawaii)
- A custom soy-based marinade
- Shredded cabbage over a bed of white rice
- Strips of toasted nori seaweed
- A soft-boiled egg

So what do you guys think? Could this be Obama's favorite new Japanese food?

Let me know what you think about the Obama Bowl, and if you're visiting Hiroshima any time soon and want to try the Obama Bowl for yourself, you can find their official website right over here.

Obama Bowl, out!

Man Barack Obama was a good president. he could've gotten so much done if it wasn't for Congress stopping him because they're full of dumb republicans
@animerg13 It makes me want to be a president just so other countries will make nifty dishes inspired by my existence.
I don't like Obama, but this food sounds interesting. maybe even good.
@Animaniafreak Right? I'd be honored to have a beef bowl named after me. Mmmm beef.
I want one
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