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Korean food!!!
I went with my bae to a Korean restaurant! It was sooooo yummy!!!
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@danidee yaaaasssssssss
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How was it? It wasn't too spicy?
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@danidee it wasn't spicy at all :0 it actually had a bit of a sweet taste to it...I was a bit disappointed with it tbh I thought it was spicy too, just tasted a bit like kimchi the ramen was amaze balls I loooooved it!! And since it was a Korean restaurant we barbecued Korean style with the little fire in the middle, I got chicken and my babe got liver (blllllleeeeeegggggghhhhhhh 馃槚) and it was fun!!
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I loveeee KBBQ!!! It's so fun with the fire in the middle.
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@danidee it really is!! I'm gonna bug him about going back tonight
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