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Blooming Makeup Palette!
Ready for this? Watch & see this makeup set come into full bloom~
I've managed to find two of these crazy contraptions!! One is by Monella, and the other is by Miss Rose. And they're both SO impressive! I feel like the quality of makeup in this kind of novelty item probably wouldn't be very good, but I'm so impressive by the packaging that I wouldn't even care.
It seems like some stores like Claires might have this kind of novelty makeup product on occasion, too!! I feel like this would be a great gift for a younger kid who wants to try makeup just for fun, or for someone to keep just around for the novelty of it!
When I was little, my first "makeup kit" was a kit like one of these, I think it was in a star shape! I loved having it, even if it wasn't really useful or practical in terms of the makeup I wear today :P

Would you buy something like this?

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How's the quality of this makeup kit? If it's meh, then I'd buy one just to admire it lol. Like you said, the packaging is too impressive that I can look pass its flaws. By the way this kit would make excellent gift, it just awesome to look at!
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how is the makeup itself?
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Does miss rose come with all the make up?? BC, if so I'm getting that bad boy!!
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The packaging is tight and definitely a space saver for eyeshadows. It would be awesome if they also come out with something for necklaces and earrings.
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