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If you want to talk to strangers in online chat apps, you need to make a lot of effort to trigger their attention. First up, you will need to establish a kickass profile, and then the even more painful part… coming up with fresh and interesting talking points. Maybe you’ll decide upon three lines to alternate between whenever you meet someone new, like, “Hey, you remind me of Scarlett Johansson,” or “wow, you’re eyes are so striking in that photo,”and for that special girl “Hi, maybe your dog and my dog could go on a date?” But eventually you’ll become bored of using these tired old lines, or worse again maybe the girl you’re interested in will sniff them out. Maybe you’ll send the EXACT same message to two gorgeous girls who happen to be friends… Facepalm!
This is complicated and exhausting… But don’t fret, because there is a simpler, yet effective way! Just look at how dogs talk to each other, even when they are complete strangers. They don’t need any fancy profiles or clever intros. In fact, they don’t need any complicated form of language, they simply bark and understand each other. What a cool way to talk to strangers.
Bark - a new location-based chat app - removes the exhaustive barriers. Bark allows you to choose your own dog character and send your dog’s bark to all the other bark users within a 1 mile radius. If they hear you, they can bark back. Also, you can interact with other users by checking their profile, the number of times you’ve barked together, and your overlapping territories. By using Bark, we become dogs and follow the way of dog’s communication.
Communicating like a dog is simple and convenient, but we are human. We have thoughts and feelings that we want to express. But you know what? A dog’s bark contains lots of different thoughts and feelings that they deliver to other dogs. Bark app has also imported this on its app feature. When you hold down the bark button, you can type an 8-character-maximum short message to express your bark.
This app is made by BourbonShake, a start-up company from South Korea, co-founded by Sebastian Kim and Young-Hwi Cho. Already, 7,000 people from six different continents have signed up, and about 1 million barks have been made… all within one month of the apps launch. You can watch all users’ bark in real-time at its website.
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