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Move over, mood rings, we've got some new products in town that can change color with our moods! I just stumbled across both of these products, and they're actually quite innovative!

The idea is that these products are pH sensitive, which means that depending on your body's chemistry, the colors may appear a bit different.

#1: Lipstick Queen's "Frog Prince" Listick

Yep. You heard me right: green lipstick! This lipstick is TOTALLY green in the packaging (as is the blush & gloss in the line, but the lipstick is the winner here). Due to the difference in PH of the stick vs your skin/the outdoors, while it looks green, it actually applies in a pink shade. The shade will differ a bit depending on your skins pH, and also it's a bit translucent so it'll match your natural coloring well!
The lipstick is by

#2: Mood Lipstick!

This lipstick from MAC will change with your mood. These "tendertalk" lip balms will change color slightly depending on your body's chemistry. Now, I think we all KNOW that lipsticks look different on everyone (lol) but these are apparently formulated to actually change a bit depending on your body's chemistry at the very moment you apply.
Like the green lipstick, the lipsticks are pH sensitive, which is why they may appear more vibrant or skew more red or pink depending on your body chemistry, just like mood rings used to do!
These are the colors that will be available:
Candy Wrapped (sheer pink)
Pretty Me Up (sheer coral)
Play With Me (sheer red)
Teddy Pink (sheer bright pink)
Side Dish (sheer plum)
This product just released on June 9th in MAC stores, so I haven't really seen any reviews yet. We'll have to wait and see how it is!

So, would you want to read your mood with one of these products?

I remember wearing mood lipstick. It's fun. I wouldn't spend a lot on it though.
ehh, those shades never come out looking good on me
yes, I had try it before. few years ago but different brands. quite fun wearing it.
@MyAffairWith Totally understand!! They're kind of unpredictable as well.
Nice idea but I'm skipping it because I don't like the shades. I'm a bit picky with my lip stick shades.
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