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I'm watching this, and seeing that it's demonstrating their powers. However, we never see D.O or Kai use theirs. My thought is that they were putting chemicals in them, right? Is there a chance that they've had their powers nullified, tranquilized, or even taken away? Is that why D.O is shown still stuck and lost at the end? Is this why he's by himself? Kai was by himself for some time as well. I'm for sure stuck on them having had something done to their powers for this reason. Anyway, time for my review!
(Chinese Version) These videos were absolutely visually stunning. It was a total trip. The camera movements sweeping the room made it seem like I was in a daze watching them and turning around trying to see who's singing. The setting was interesting and the lack of color, made the few bits of color really pop. And this song, this song is gorgeous. The sound is poppy and has a definite electronic undertone. The singing was outstanding as always. I'm hooked. This will be on replay for days. I like Sehun with black hair and Chanyeol looks good with that red hair. Xiumin caught my eye too. Stop that. Kyungsoo is bias, so stay in your lanes boys. Sehun, you're wrecker status has leveled up. Now chill.
I'm going to review Monster before my theory. I'm a huge sucker for choreography. That's one reason why I'm in love with EXO performances. They're intense and extremely precise. The uniformity is always outstanding and timing is always on point. The random strobe section, I don't know if that video had an epileptic warning in the description, but it should have if you ask me. It was a bit unexpected. BUT I LOVED IT! It was so neat and I wish they'd have used it just a little more, like one more time. The song. The song is great. Singing was wonderful, but what truly struck me was not the singing, for once. The rapping! For me, EXO has never screamed "rap", yes the rappers are great, but they never really showcase as much as the singers. But my jaw literally dropped when Chanyeol came in hot with his hard style and Sehun followed up with his smooth rap style. That was a first and I'm so happy Sehun got more lines this time around. It's about time SM. And the lyrics they gave those two boys. Get me some water because apparently they're, ahem, beatin that p*ssy up. Damn! The thirst is unquenchable! I will be dancing to this and lucky one for the next couple weeks I assure you. Such ear worms. Thank you EXO. This was truly an astounding comeback.
(Chinese Version) Now monster is fairly obvious on its face. They're being taken away because their powers have made them be seen as menaces to society. Baekhyun saves them in the end. Inside man apparently.

In conjunction with Lucky One. I see something.

The watch is turning back time, a shout out to TAO I'm assuming. If they had this theory planned for a couple years or from the beginning, this was probably an instrumental power and was pivotal in the storytelling. Therefore they had to show its significance. Meaning, it was probably quite significant and not just a nudge to the fans. Now having said that, I'm thinking that rather than these guys being locked up and taken to the facility to be studied or changed to normal, it's something else. I think this facility is where they got their powers. They were test subjects and escaping with their new powers. That time was turned back in Monster, and we're seeing the origins. However, where's D.O and Kai's powers, right? They could have escaped easily. D.O could bust through the walls and Kai could teleport miles away. Simple. Think back. Do you guys remember in MAMA when Kai comes up to D.O and then D.O shows his earth power soon after? Perhaps Kai had come to alert him that their powers were latent and had come afterall. Or that there was a chance he had some even though time had passed. Possibly? The timeline for this theory would be Lucky One, MAMA, and then Monster. Anyone agree? Am I going crazy? This was the first time theories have truly struck me. I hope they made some sense.

Who else died?

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DO is officially my bias now. He looked so good! I died when the camera angle was between his legs *perv mode* lol