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Guys, I just had to share this real quick!!
This girl Gina accidentally dropped her highlighter, so she decided to repress it....while adding some extra shadow....to make a PIZZA HIGHLIGHTER!!!
Now, I wouldn't BUY one of these,
but if I dropped a highlighter, why not try making it into something fun like this? There's not so much red in it that it wouldnt' still work as a highlighter, and you'd be able to apply Pizza Pie Highlighter to your face which is pretty funny. A few other people have already tried it!
And look, it can totally work on your face!
This girl named Monica created her own after seeing the original, and I'm loving it!

Who wants a pizza pielighter?

Tagging some beauty comm members <3
This is one of those rare cases where having pizza face is perfectly acceptable lol.
@MirandaKawahara this is funny, great, and silly.
so stupid lol..