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[POLL] What's Your Instant Noodle Of Choice?

This picture is from one of my happiest places - the instant noodle aisle of our local Korean supermarket.

This market has TONS of Korean ramyun, and I love going through it and trying different brands and flavors. There's a whole lot to choose from!

There's cheese ramyuns that come with some cheese powder!

Seafood ramyuns with fishcake and a spicy yet savory broth!

Shin Ramyun is a serious (and seriously spicy!) ramyun staple.

There's even soupless instant noodle varieties like Chapagetti!

So what's YOUR favorite go-to instant noodle? Is it any of the ones listed above - or are you down with that Cup of Noodles?

Let me know in the comments below!
shin ramyun... sooo good. Cooked and even as a crunchy snack!!!
Wah, i just tried shin ramyun, so i can't compare them. But, for instant noodles I love Indomie the most. Do you guys know Indomie? This is a popular instant noodles from Indonesia. A must try! 😋😋😋
Shin Ramyun❤🔥
I love all of them that aren't spicy, or taste like cheese.
im only allowed to ever get mr noodles ㅠㅠ
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