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As some of you guys know, I've been working hard on catching up on the Fairy Tail anime, and I plan to read the manga from that point onward once I get there! I'm up through about episode 110 now, so I've still got quite a ways to go XD

One thing that has caught my attention as being the thing that always makes me tear up a bit is this right here!!!!

I'm not going to go too specially into WHY this makes me tear up (spoiler potential, but because of La**s' whole story with it)....but it just does!!!

This hand gesture reminds me every single time that no matter, no matter where, you have friends fighting under the same sky as you, and they will be supporting you!!!

Now excuse me while me & Happy go dry our tears~~

when happy does it, it looks like he's flipping you off......
You know if you don't know the context it just looks like you're calling someone a lose xD
Especially in the tenrou arc ugh it always gives me the feels!!
Right there with you!! it's a symbol that means so much. whenever I'm out for a run and feel the need for a little boost I raise my hand and do this. I first make sure there's no one around though, I don't want to be arrested for 'playing that I have a gun'
@IvanHusak That tore me apart. As did Aquarius saying goodbye, and Igneels death. This anime in general knows how to tear me to shreds.
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