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Remember that time you stopped talking to your friend because they ate the last french fry? Or they bought the same shirt as you and wore it first?

Well, these couples have some similar woes....

What's the stupidest thing your loved one or your friends have fought over?

My best friend and I tend to fight over random facts that can be Googled, but then once we fact check and one person is wrong, neither of us feel good haha There is no winning in stupid arguments.
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I find fighting rather dumb. Debating is one thing, but an actual argument full of anger, has no value, as I am concerned.
@BlackDragon88 i had two coworkers that could intensely debate (so much that it sounded like they were fighting) and it made me so uncomfortable! I'm just not one to debate often so i just equate it with fighting sometimes haha
The stupidest thing my Fiance and I fight over is probably directions. It is so easy just to look up directions now a days but we always seem to disagree on which route to take. And sometimes it ends up in a big stupid argument. I have been trying to be better with not fighting with him but it is hard lol.
Not actually fights... But we have arguments on random study related facts... Like if this happen then what will happen... I would say something my friend some other thing... At the end maybe we both were wrong... Haha... N yeah at home.. My mom n dad always try to irk me cause they think my reaction is hilarious.. So they will bring up any topic and then indirectly every topic will change its direction to me.... So whatever that happens...!!! Btw today is dad's m not gonna complain...!!
my best friend has ditched me for months now because I gave him the same sass he gave me. I saw him today-I was in the bus, he was on the rd...I felt sad cause I really miss him. But I think it was more than just the sass though... anyway