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Virtual Reality Tour in Edo, Japan!
The other night I was laughing at my husband's idea that virtual reality will soon transform how people travel in the future. Today, I'm thinking maybe he's half right. Okay, maybe a bit more than that. There's no doubt virtual reality is the trendiest thing in the video game industry right now. From VR board game to thriller game, it's only a matter of time people will start to dive into other areas to bring what seems like a dream, real.
Here's the thing. A crowdfunding project just started in Japan by Avatra LLC and their goal is to create a virtual reality to experience a historical town in Tokyo, Edo.
Here's a footage of what they're working on. The finish product will have a population to depict the real town life.
If this works out I think this will be the initial drive for more city experience virtual reality. It's definitely a cheaper option to travel to Japan.
If you read Japanese, you can find out more about the project here.
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@aanderson2789 So,although it can show you the sites and whatnot,it won't let you experience everything that's there
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Awesome. I can pretend to be Mugen, but without the violence.
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@TinaDang I agree, this could be a cool and inexpensive way to travel and tour but it would be nice to experience the local food and purchase merchandise.
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the purpose of traveling is to lose and find oneself at the same time. technology, to some extent, dehumanizes it
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