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I feel like you've abandoned me left me out to die in the dark all alone not knowing what's going on, in the shadows do you still love me will you ever come back I'm scared and lost in the dark you are my light but I dont see you much anymore all I see is the darkness that's consuming me I cant even see my shadow, I have no one to play with and no one to talk to I'm all alone why is it that you've forsaken me did I do something wrong was I a bad boy? Please come back I love you dont leave me here alone I'm scared and cold, I cry hoping that you hear my whimpering as my tears fall off my cheeks one after another repeatedly as it's  staining my face, now I understand why they say cry me a river, I cant stop my love from flowing what once came out of my heart now comes out of my eyes, I just wish that you loved me and cared about me as strongly as I do for you Now I know how she felt